Climate Engineering Contamination – Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, environmental contamination, natural health, climate engineering, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Dane Wigington

How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I’ll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it… see more

The humankind evolves rapidly in the today’s world and many people feel that they are here to change the world

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, change the world spirituality, natural health, self help, empowerment, Paul A Philips, raising awarenessIf you are familiar with the Mayan culture, you will know that the Mayans existed thousands of years ago, and yet predicted many future events accurately.

A crucial tool for these predictions was their calendar, which ended at 2012. Because of this, many people believed that in the year 2012 the world would end. Since of course, that did not happen, there has emerged a shift in New Age theories – 2012 did not mark the end of humanity, but a new beginning in human evolution.

We are now more than ever becoming innately aware of our desire to help others and, as cliché as it sounds, to use our individuality to change the world.

Here are 20 tell-tale signs that indicate you are one of those who are destined to do so… See more

My 11 Questions Challenging the Human Caused Climate Change/Global Warming Claim

Global warming scam,Climate Change, Conspiracy, Globalist Agenda, James Corbett, Weather-By Paul A Philips

Some time ago President Obama in an unbelievable speech given to graduates at the Coast Guard Academy (of all places) declared that climate change deniers and human caused global warming is a threat to national security.

He made his strongest case to date in spite of the fact that well over 31,000scientists, climatologists, physics graduates and related engineers don’t accept global warming.

Further, the rail against deniers and the so-called global warming national security threat Obama has plans to shore up the required cooperation from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to introduce new laws controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics claim that the new laws mean the eventual shutdown of coal-fired power plants that will put a further strain on America’s power grid system and consumers having to pay billions more in rising cost electricity bills…

In response, here are my 11 questions challenging the human caused climate change/global warming claim… see more



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Why Would Anyone Get the Flu Vaccine?

Holistic medicine, vaccine damage, flu vaccine, vaccine damage, vaccination fraud, natural health, healthcare, raising awareness, new paradigm

-by Dr. Brownstein’s
Holistic Medicine

It is beyond belief that I have to continue to write about the problems with the flu vaccine.  The flu vaccine has a long history of not protecting the vast majority who receives if from becoming ill with the flu.  Nor does it change mortality rates.  Nor does it change hospitalization rates…

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How Language Can Be Used For success and Personal Transformation!

Excellent communication, effective communication, transformation, self help, language, empowerment, achievement–By Paul A Philips

It has been said that without doubt whether it’s related to survival, success or transformation, the greatest achievements made by the human race have come from the ability to use language.

Given this, we can not only look back at history and understand how language has been used by individuals or groups or see how others use it today, but we can also apply language effectively for ourselves by using a number of basic principles in support of our own ongoing personal success leading to transformation.

In other words, there are a number of basic principles on how language can be used and applied effectively in practical situations: Understand these basic principles and apply them in your life for success. Then watch how you grow with your success and personal transformation! See more

Why Reincarnation is a Slavery Program

Forbidden knowledge, reincarnation, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Greg Calise

Have you ever actually wondered Why we reincarnate? Why is it that we have such short lives, and, for the most part, the only spiritual paths are very dubious religions and teachers? Or why those religions are built upon hierarchal structures? Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in the world? And why such evil people seem to become the leaders of men? And the big question concerning reincarnation: Why don’t we remember our past lives? How can we resolve our past if we don’t even remember it?

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The Top 20 GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid – and Why

Alternative news, new paradigm, GMO, GM foods, GMO’s, natural health, environment, superbugs, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Dr. Edward Group

In the very short time since GMO foods were first introduced, they have tainted ecosystems, created financial strains for farmers, and introduced unnatural elements into the local, national, and global food supply.

GMOs pose a danger to all of us and the evidence is irrefutable. Environmentally, they have created superweeds that destroy farmland, and they have eliminated some organisms from ecosystems, leading to new superbugs to fill the void. Much talk also centers around the health considerations. Unfortunately, researchers who attempt to test the alleged safety of these GMOs – and have found them decidedly unsafe! – get shouted down by the rank-and-file industry yes men who are intent on protecting the empire. Despite this, the research has shown a dramatically higher risk of health problems from eating GMOs and research shown that toxic DNA from these plants may survive digestion. It’s even been found in the blood of pregnant women and their fetuses! [1]

Unfortunately, until the laws change and ban these destructive products, the best protection is to avoid them. The following list outlines the 20 top GMO foods and ingredients you should absolutely avoid, to ensure the best possible health for you and your family… see more

Money and US Dollar Occult Symbolism

Dollar occult symbolism-By Paul A Philips 

The great seal on the back of the US dollar bill (above) is full of occult symbolism. Even the most hardened sceptic would have a difficult time dismissing the following features on the bill as mere ‘coincidence.’

  • 13  leaves in the olive branches
  • 13 bars & stripes
  • 13 arrows
  • 13 letters in: ‘E Pluribus Unum’
  • 13 stars in the green crest above
  • 13 stones in the pyramid13 letters in ’Annuit Coeptis’

Then just below the pyramid there’s ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’   that translates, ‘New Secular Order’ or ‘New World Order.’  Why the number 13? What about the other features..?

See more (includes video)


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Scientists Discover A Woman Whose Eyes Have A Whole New Type Of Colour Receptor – She Can See What We Can’t

Receptor,Eyes, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Alexa Erickson

Do you see green the same way that I see green? Every now and then, we find ourselves wondering such questions, as we have all come to know and agree on the use of generic colour names like blue, yellow, green, and so on to distinguish and analyze life around us. Surely, we are all unique in the way we view colours to a degree, but at the end of the day, green is green, and so we leave it at that. But not everyone is quite like this…

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How To Positively Thrive In A Climate Of Change

Positively thrive, paradigm shift, raising awareness, self help, empowerment, self-improvement, awakening, enlightenment, consciousness By Dreamcatcher

As the old paradigm crumbles and declines, what if you could positively thrive through it and come alive?

In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. And yet because of the density and inertia of the physical 3D World society has built, it’s easy to be lulled into the status quo: that we can expect everything to be more or less like it was yesterday.

This just builds complacency, laziness and fixed conditioned behaviourisms. What if though, you could recognize the underlying shift of energy taking place, harness this ‘River of Life’, and have it inspire and invigorate an entirely new way of being? See more

The “Fake News” Psyop: Our Freedom Depends On The Freedom Of The Press

-by Melissa Dykes

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” ~Thomas Jefferson. Melissa Dykes breaks down the psyop behind the “fake news” lists that have been created to control reality and destroy the alternative media.



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What Sort Of Future Do You Want To See For Yourself, Your Family and Friends?

Future, gmo, self improvement, motivation, spirituality, transformation, illuminati, spiritual growth, new world order-By Paul A Philips

Now, I’m putting you on the spot here. Ask yourself, what kind of world, what sort of future do you want to see for yourself, your family and friends? I’m not just talking immediate years here but possibly many, many years ahead. Some changes you may want to consider that would benefit not only you but your children when they get older or even their children to be…

Sure, one individual alone cannot change the world, but whether it was for human rights, freedom from slavery… for these things to have happened they had to start somewhere, so now’s your chance to be the originator or co creator of the changes you want to see.

Encouraged by the Einstein quote: “Only a life lived for others is worth living” allow me to make some suggestions, give you a give a head start by telling you what changes I want to see for the future of humanity. Here’s my outline. I want to see a world where: see more

Breitbart is really mad at Donald Trump for his “broken promise” to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s rabid base is not happy to hear that he has no plans to “lock her up” after all

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness

-by Sophia Tesfaye

The chants of “Lock her up” were a familiar refrain at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, as his right-wing demanded to see criminal charges against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server. But now that Trump’s defeated his opponent and is set to take the White House, in an apparent shock even to himself, he is already signaling that he fully intends to break that campaign pledge… see more


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Bringing Humanity into an Inhumane World

medical fascism, Vaccines, vaccination agenda, transhumanism, GMO, junk food, new world order, fracking, fluoride poisoning, activism-By Paul A Philips

A number of people will recall an announcement made earlier this year by Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbot stating that as of the 1st January next year there will be no benefits for the parents of unvaccinated kids. These childcare payouts are worth thousands and thousands a year per Australian family.

Will this make anti-vaccine families give way to accepting vaccinations for their children? As any behavioural psychologist will tell you the reward systems or the threat of the removal of can be enough to influence the desired behaviour; the herd immunity…

This has been described by some as an act of medical fascism basically for a number of reasons… See more

Army Major Says “Everything’s In Place” To Round Up Antiwar Dissenters For Military Detention

army major, Dissenters, military detention, world war 3, new world order, conspiracy, activism, liberty, new paradigm, mainstream media, propaganda, Russia, antiwar-By Justin Gardner

While mainstream media has dutifully echoed the U.S. government narrative that Russia is to blame for increasing tensions, we at the Free Thought Project have reported on the numerous ways in which the U.S. has actually been the provocateur.

Earlier in 2016, a U.S. military official said the U.S. “needs and wants Russia as an enemy,” which was followed by a litany of falsehoods about Russian threats from elected and appointed officials. A hacked email showed a NATO general plotting conflict with Russia, as American and NATO military forces amass along Russia’s borders.

See more

FAKE NEWS: All the networks that reported ‘You can keep your doctor’ or blamed the DNC email hack on the Russians were knowingly spewing fake news

Fake news-by Mike Adams

With everybody suddenly talking about “fake news” vs. real news, it’s notable to point out that fake news is every network that reported the Russians hacked the DNC emails. That wild, loony tunes conspiracy theory was backed by absolutely nothing. Not a single shred of evidence… yet it was bandied about by the mainstream media as if it were irrefutable fact. Hillary Clinton even claimed, during a presidential debate, that Donald Trump was working with Putin! See more


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8 Infamous “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy theories , Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Arjun Walia

Conspiracy Theory: It’s a term used by many to brush off something that clashes with what they believe in, or have believed in for a long period of time. Taking in new information that runs counter to a current belief system is not easy and can cause the feeling of cognitive dissonance – a term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort that arises from being confronted with two or more conflicting ideas, beliefs, or values. It suggests that we have an inner drive to hold on to all of our beliefs and attitudes, avoiding the feelings of discomfort and instability that accompany new ideas, regardless of whether those ideas are backed by evidence and sound logic… see more

Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network

89-sat-p-network-by Preston James, Ph.D

[ Note: “This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations.” PJ]

Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch. In America and the UK, the Pedophile Network controls high ranking Pedophile politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA and top Law Enforcement… see more Must See Video!

Studies on radiation from smart meters show that electromagnetic frequencies disrupt and damage the nervous system

Smart meter, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by J. D. Heyes

For some years now, health and technology experts have warned that smart meters being installed at homes all over the country may be emitting hazardous electronic waves that can damage the nervous system.

Now, as reported by Natural Blaze, a demonstration in a newly released video is groundbreaking in its portrayal of just how smart meters are harming us…

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Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, And The Hidden Forces Of Life

Timeline-Reality Split, Nature of reality, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awarenessAs many of us can see and feel in these times of increasing turbulence, the world we collectively inhabit is becoming a melting pot of craziness that has bubbled over-the-top.

In July of this year alone, we have seen “expressions” of this boiling point manifest in various horrible ways: more police brutality; the spectre of (engineered) race war and reactionary cop shootings (Dallas, Baton Rouge, “BlackLivesMatter”); and the  “terrorist” attacks in Nice, France, and Munich, Germany. Then, of course, we have the ongoing pathological election parade in the US (based on the illusion of choice) and its attendant distractions; the Brexit fiasco and subsequent fallout; a staged military coup in Turkey; and last but not least, the unmitigated idiocy of the PokémonGo hype/craze that has literally taken over the minds of millions of people worldwide – an “augmented reality trend” which not only ties into the obvious goal of data mining and increased surveillance opportunities, but also reflects another (d)evolutionary stage in the A.I. and Transhumanism agenda… see more



Alternative news, new paradigm, anti-vaccination, new world order, vaccine quackery, natural health, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness


(Dr Mer­cola):

 “To ensure the safety of as many chil­dren as pos­si­ble, we need to have an open ratio­nal dis­cus­sion about vac­cine safety. Three decades ago, autism affected one in 10,000 chil­dren. Today, it’s esti­mated to afflict as many as one in 50.”

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(Must See Video)




Escape! From the Cult of Materialism – FULL PROGRAM

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Fair Wind Films

Does the philosophy of materialism work to destroy our identities, experience, and environment? Join narrator Daphne Ellis on a radical romp through the evidence and decide for yourself if you’re in the cult and need to escape!


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The 5 Energies of a Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual Warrior, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Lisa & Schelli

Horse Sense for Humans ~ Wisdom Straight from the Horses Mouth!

Energy, horses and self-awareness. Wow! These 3 aspects in the same sentence evoke a powerful feeling. Imagine what they can evoke when practiced together!

Let’s examine this a bit more closely…

First, what is a Spiritual Warrior?

A warrior who listens to their own spirit is someone who can sit in each moment with the intention to experience whatever the heart and its infinite wisdom wants to give in that moment. It is the attitude of the spiritual warrior who dedicates herself to ongoing awareness—for growth, and transformation.

Life Skills through Horse Wisdom

As herd animals, horses can teach us much about living together in authentic community. They survive through sensing what is going on in their environment and responding accordingly; for the good of themselves and the herd—life skills of which humans are in sore need.


I have come to discover that the deepest self-awareness happens when we allow and accept all of who we are. To do this, it is necessary to consider every level and dimension of our lives in order to affect deep and transformational awareness.

What are the 5 energies of a Spiritual Warrior? See more

Same mainstream media now covering marches against Trump refused to cover the March Against Monsanto… what does that tell you?


-by J. D. Heyes

Have you heard of the March Against Monsanto? If you only get your news from establishment media outlets, you haven’t. Only the so-called ‘alternative media’ dares report such important events…

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Google Developing Tools to Suppress Online Speech, Protect Elites’ Feelings

Tech, Conversation AI, free speech, Google, Jigsaw, alternative news, new paradigm, raising awarenessby Jack Hadfield

Jigsaw, a small subsidiary of Google, is working on multiple technological projects that would work to censor speech on the Internet and increase monitoring of its users, according to an article published on Wired.

Under a veil of protecting people from abuse by authoritarian regimes and “online trolls,” Jigsaw founder and president Jared Cohen is releasing a set of tools known as ‘Conversation AI.’

“I want to use the best technology we have at our disposal to begin to take on trolling and other nefarious tactics that give hostile voices disproportionate weight… [we will] do everything we can to level the playing field,” said Cohen. Jigsaw argues that online trolls bully people into self-censoring their views, and that online speech must be moderated to ensure that nobody is silenced.

Conversation AI will use machine-learning techniques to pick up on “harassment” and “abuse” faster than any human moderator possibly can. According to Google, the filter has a 92% success rate at detecting so-called “abusive” messages in concurrence with a panel of humans, producing a false-positive only 10% of the time.

The major issue with such a tool is the possibly unintended consequences that automatic detection will create…

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16 Things You Needs to Know About Your Mind

Mind, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D

Human Mind is a wonderful masterpiece that has immense potentials. Most of its potentials, however, remain unused in most people, since it is not us who are in charge of things, but our Mind takes control of us. In order to control something, we first need to know the thing concerned — so, we must know our Mind so as to be in charge of it.

What do we need to know about the mind? Here are 16 important things everyone needs to know about the workings of the human mind.

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Doctors murdered after discovering cancer enzymes in vaccines

Vaccines, dead doctors, cancer enzymes, health, new paradigm, raising awareness, conspiracy, cover-up, holistic doctors murdered, alternative news, holistic medicine, alternative healers-by Samantha Debbie

A wave of mysterious deaths continues to plague practitioners in the field of holistic medicine, including chiropractors, herbalists and other alternative healers. Some of the deaths have been tied to research involving nagalase, an enzyme/protein made by cancer cells and viruses that cause immunodeficiency syndromes and autism…

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