POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016?

C. ErvanaOne World Religion, Pope, Lucifer,Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness

Please note: This video is not meant to set a date, but to point out that an ecumenical gathering, one of the largest and longest between the three monotheist faiths, will happen from September 4-23, 2016. This appears to coincide with the Arch of Triumph, which will be erected in New York City from approximately September 11-26, 2016. Also, there is debate about when John the XXIII prayed for Vatican II. Some historians suggest it was 9/23/1959, which was the first year that John the XXIII introduced Vatican II to the college of cardinals. Others suggest it was 9/23/1962, just before Vatican II opened. However, this was the same day that John XXIII received his cancer diagnosis. A historian documented that John XXIII prayed at the tombs of his predecessors on that day, but there is no indication he prayed for Vatican II… See more (video)

Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies


Indigenous groups claim they have not consented to oil projects, as politicians visit Beijing to publicise bidding process

Ecuador plans to auction off more than three million hectares of pristine Amazonian rainforest to Chinese oil companies, angering indigenous groups and underlining the global environmental toll of China’s insatiable thirst for energy.

On Monday morning a group of Ecuadorean politicians pitched bidding contracts to representatives of Chinese oil companies at a Hilton hotel in central Beijing, on the fourth leg of a roadshow to publicise the bidding process. Previous meetings in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and in Houston and Paris were each confronted with protests by indigenous groups… See more 

Is the Alternative Media Really Fulfilling Its Purpose?

Alternative media, mainstream media lies, mainstream media deception, New Paradigm, Paul A Philips, alternative news, mass media deception-By Paul A Philips

Those in the know will indeed be well and truly aware of the mainstream media’s ulterior motives related to their lies, deception and cover-ups… but in retrospect of this, how about shifting the focus of attention on the alternative media?

How about asking, is the alternative media really fulfilling its purpose?

First, to get things into perspective, here is a brief comparison between the mainstream media and alternative media.

Essentially, unlike the alternative media community narrative, the mainstream media’s real purpose is to serve a hidden controlling agenda. In other words, basically, the articles published or broadcast in mainstream media are out there for the sole purpose of getting the public to accept the content word for word without questioning: See more



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US Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote Will Be Rigged?

Alternative news, new paradigm, rigged voting, new world order, US Election, Election Shocker, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Jon Rappoport

Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers.

As we know, there are a number of ways to rig an election. Bev Harris, atblackboxvoting.org, is exploring a specific “cheat sheet” that has vast implications for the Trump vs. Hillary contest.

It’s a vote-counting system called GEMS…

See more

Genetic engineering technology now spearheading the return of eugenics and the push for a ‘master’ superior race of men

new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, natural health, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, genetic engineering, eugenics, superior master race, by J. D. Heyes

It was a goal of Adolf Hitler, and it is a term that today’s researchers don’t really like to use, but eugenics – the effort to scientifically create a sort of “master race” or super-human – still exists today and, as it turns out, Britain is taking the lead.

As reported by The Spectator, the idea of breeding the best with the best so as to weed out the inferior was an idea that was being entertained in England at the turn of the 20th century. A May 1912 edition of the magazine actually reported the following: See more

The Future Of America? More Than Half Of All U.S. Adults Under Age 30 Now Reject Capitalism

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, capitalism, natural health, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Michael Snyder

A shocking new survey has found that support for capitalism is dying in America.  In fact, more than half of all adults in the United States under the age of 30 say that they do not support capitalism at this point.  You might be tempted to dismiss them as “foolish young people”, but the truth is that they are the future of America.  As older generations die off, they will eventually become the leaders of this country.  And of course our nation has not resembled anything close to a capitalist society for quite some time now.  In a recent article, I listed 97 different taxes that Americans pay each year, and some Americans actually end up returning more than half of what they earn to the government by the time it is all said and done.  So at best it could be said that we are running some sort of hybrid system that isn’t as far down the road toward full-blown socialism as most European nations are.  But without a doubt we are moving in that direction, and our young people are going to be cheering every step of the way… See more

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Manufactured Civil Unrest And Regime Change: Is America Next?

Civil Unrest, CIA, Foreign Policy, Peace, Truthstream Media, new paradigm, alternative newsBy Truthstream Media

The video below shows a concise history of the CIA creating unrest and overthrowing governments around the world. Or “regime maintenance,” perhaps?

“These revolutions are portrayed in the western media as popular democratic revolutions, in which the people of these respective nations demand democratic accountability and governance from their despotic leaders and archaic political systems. However, the reality is far from what this utopian imagery suggests. Western NGOs and media heavily finance and organize opposition groups and protest movements, and in the midst of an election, create a public perception of vote fraud in order to mobilize the mass protest movements to demand ‘their’ candidate be put into power. It just so happens that “their” candidate is always the Western US-favoured candidate… See more

Urgent Humanitarian Message to You, Your Family and Friends

Humanitarian, new world order, Illuminati, spiritual, self help, spiritual growth, transformation, spiritualityBy Paul A Philips

The world about you is nothing more than an illusion. Your life is a movie starring, scripted and directed by YOU:

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitude i.e. ‘where you are consciously at’  is the movie script. Your brain is the cine projector. Your brain projects the celluloid film  out there  onto the movie screen, which is your physical reality.

Choice through empowerment

Given that the world is an illusion of your own making what are you going to make of it? You have 2 choices. Which movie will you make manifest: See more

10 Reasons Why I Would Recommend Putting a ‘No Milk Today’ Sign On Your Doorstep

No Milk, natural health, new paradigmTo a certain extent, it is understandable why many people think that milk is good for them. ‘Mothers milk’ was indeed the first food that we ever received: the loving link and the road to our survival… I, like many can remember my Grandmother saying ‘How would you like a nice cup of milk?’ Again the association of milk with tender loving care. Many of us, such as myself can recall in infant schooldays that care of taxpayer’s money, the milk marketing boards were funded to give us free school milk. We were told that milk was good for you. This, no doubt planted the indoctrination into us for when we grew up…Milk drinking has been regarded as part of our culture.

-With this observation alone, no wonder its popularity has continued. Slick advertising and marketing has further added to the deception: The T.V commercials showing the beautiful people with athletic bodies holding up the white stuff to their lips… I heard some spokesman on a national radio station say that milk is highly nutritious. It’s funny that he just happened to be a director of a dairy company!  Hospitals promote and encourage it. Nutritionists have been known to give it the thumbs up. Where would you get your source of calcium to give you strong bones? They might say…

Having had all these experiences and so much information pumped into us you’d think that we should be having our own personal taker of the stuff in our back gardens. How would we ever manage without our regular supply?

However, having said all that, some people have wizened up. The demand for milk is not what it used to be. The truth of the matter is that commercial milk is not good for you.

Here are my ten reasons why… See more

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10 Most Life Changing Books I’ve ever Read!

134.Top 10 Books-By Paul A Philips

Whether a list has been made or not.  Indeed, some books may well have changed your life, seeing things in a totally different light…

Without further ado, here’s a sample, a list in no particular order of 10 of the most life changing books I’ve ever read and naturally would highly recommend…

See more


10 Things We Know About The Mock Human Sacrifice That Was Just Conducted At CERN

CERN, Human Sacrifice, Hadron Collider Portals, Occult Ritual, Portal-Shaped Clouds, Conspiracy By Michael Snyder

Have you seen the video of the “mock human sacrifice” that was conducted right outside the entrance of CERN? A spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (more commonly known as CERN) has told the public that this ritual happened without their permission and that they are looking into the matter. If this “occult ritual” was indeed some kind of “sick joke”, what was the motivation? This new video continues a long string of bizarre events related to CERN and the Large Hadron Collider that is housed there. Last month, I wrote about strange “portal-shaped clouds” that formed over CERN during recent experiments. And the the director of research at CERN, physicist Sergio Bertolucci, has publicly admitted in the past that the Large Hadron Collider could potentially open up a “door” to “an extra dimension”. There has been so much speculation about what is really going on there, and that makes this latest video that much more creepy. If you have not seen it yet, you can view it on YouTube… See more

Do you feel the disturbance in The Force? There’s nothing wrong with you… it just means you’re TUNED IN

Tuned in,Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Mike Adams,

I’ve heard from many people that they feel a great sense of uncertainty about what’s ahead for our world, our nation and even our own families. Many are frightened by what they see as a vast chasm of uncertainty… others feel a sense of helplessness from being “trapped” in their daily commitments with seemingly no practical way to escape their job, their cities or their financial limitations.

Today, I’m releasing a podcast that encourages you to gain a new perspective on how these feelings are actually a POSITIVE trait. The fact that you are feeling them isn’t a curse; it means you’re plugged in and have a heightened sense of awareness about events which are about to unfold… See more

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Israeli Study: Your Cell Phone Is Killing Your Sperm

killing sperm, cell phone,Cell phone dangers, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, spirituality, natural health, environmental damage, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Joshua Krause

Over the years, science has thoroughly documented the global decline in male fertility, which has been ongoing since the 1940s. Several possible culprits have been blamed such exposure to pesticides, estrogen-mimicking chemicals, and sedentary lifestyles. However, a team of Israeli scientists has found another possible environmental

Researchers at Haifa’s Technion- Israel Institute of Technology and Carmel Medical Center, conducted a study involving 106 men who were given a semen analysis. They have found that men who wear their cell phones in their pants pockets, have significantly higher rates of abnormal sperm. 47% of men who stored their cell phones in their pants had abnormal sperm, compared to just 11% for the average male… See more

Why Words are More Powerful Than Swords

Words, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, empowerment, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Pao L. Chang

Words are more than elements of speech or writing. When spoken out loud, words transform into frequency and vibration that can be used to harness energy and harm or heal the body. In the occult world, certain words are used along with rituals and sacred geometries to direct and control energy to create certain desired effects. This process of using words, rituals, and sacred geometries to control and direct energy is known as magic. Be aware that I am not talking about magic tricks… See more

Weather Channel founder demolishes global warming lie – a must watch video..!

global warming, climate change scam, agenda 21, new world order, conspiracy, cover up, junk science, new paradigm, raising awarenessA great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was Senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years…

See more (video)

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U.S. Control of the Internet Is About to be Given Away to Oppressive Governments

Internet Ban, oppressive governments, mass media, censorship, alternative news, new paradigm, cyber fascism-By Joshua Krause

Trying to figure out who really runs the Internet or owns it, is pretty much impossible. The Internet is delivered by thousands of companies to billions of people on the back of a world-spanning infrastructure. At best you could say that the Internet belongs to the United States, since that is where it originated, and that is where the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) resides.

IANA is a department with the Department of Commerce, and is responsible for allocating global IP addresses and managing the global Domain Name System. It’s probably the closest thing the Internet has to a central authority. However, it’s not going to be American for much longerSee more

The Amazing Rise of the Mandela Effect!

Mandela effect, alternative knowledge, esoterica, consciousness, raising awareness, new paradigmBy Cynthia Sue Larson

The Mandela Effect: When History Just Won’t Stay Put

The phrase “Mandela Effect” has been trending upward at an exponential rate since July 2015, according to Google Trends. Part of what is fueling the rapid increase in discussion about the Mandela Effect is that some of the reporters writing articles about the increased interest in this phenomena are experiencing it, too. One reporter noticed that an oft-remembered cheesy love sequence between two characters in the James Bond movie, Moonraker, no longer exists – despite his recollection (and mine) that “Dolly has braces”!

While many are surprised by the recent surge of interest in the “Mandela Effect,” those of us who have been researching and writing about this phenomenon of reality shifts and alternate histories have long been anticipating just such a rise of interest.

What is the Mandela Effect?

-See more

Making a Transformation Changing From the False Ego to True Self!

Egoby Paul A Philips

It could be said that you have a head, an arm and a leg… and just as much a part of you is your ego. Does your ego run you or do you run it? Which do you choose? A life based on the false ego or do you gravitate towards accepting who you really are your spiritual true self?

To help with the choice here’s a list showing the differences between the false ego and the true self.

The false ego

Self help, transformation, consciousness shift, spirituality, spiritual awakening, false ego, true selfWhile your ego helps control raw instincts so that you don’t act inappropriately in certain circumstances it’s not who you really are: Your false ego is how you want to be seen by yourself and others, in other words it’s your ideal self-image and because of this it can cause problems.

The false ego mask personifies a fake identity capable of playing out the idealized self to such an extent that it may cause fear, anxiety, embarrassment, pain, trauma or even death when this fake identity is either threatened, out of control or lost.

Thus, the false ego can never be at home with accepting its own self or others, or be free of insecurities, victimhood situations and having to forever seek approval while experiencing feelings of not being good enough, or is never satisfied…

Self help, transformation, consciousness shift, spirituality, spiritual awakening, false ego, true selfThe true self

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – C.G. Jung

Moving away from the clutches of the false ego to the true self means a shift in consciousness, choosing the spiritual pathway instead…

Operating on a deeper more profound level, unlike the false ego, the true self chooses the higher values related to unconditional love, compassion, creativity, truth, honesty and integrity…

The true self focuses on inner growth so it won’t be too bothered by the threats, demands, anxieties and insecurities etc of the false ego and dwells more in present time.


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18 Human Qualities Most Needed To Advance The Global Awakening

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, global awakening, spirituality, Dylan Charles, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Dylan Charles

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” – Shakespeare

Reality is anything but fixed, it is created again and again, re-defined from moment to moment as a product of the behavior and choices of all sentient beings. For certain, we are more powerful than we yet know, and each one of us is indeed an actor on the same stage, all of us with the ability to impact and contribute to the story.

Our connection through media amplifies extreme qualities of the human experience, offering a rather warped vision of reality, making our whole situation difficult to see clearly through the fog of sensationalism, distraction and propaganda.

Although truth and justice are severely repressed in our world, an evolutionary shift is rising just below the surface of the mainstream, already effectively challenging the power structures and control paradigms that are driving all of us towards extinction.

The most important players in the world right now are not in the limelight, they are not celebrities, nor are they freaks, oddities or authority creatures. They are the activated human beings out there, setting extraordinary examples by living courageous lives, helping to expand our awareness of what is possible, contributing to a proper vision for the future.

They’re the ones making adjustments to the trim-tabs on the rudders of humanity, so that the future holds promise for a meaningful sea change.

In opposition to the controlling forces of fear, scarcity and decay, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the powers of love, abundance and creativity. For this to come to pass, we are challenged to bring forth, amplify and elevate those human qualities which are most needed right now to pushthe global awakening forward and bring it into its full power.

Observing the world from my little outpost, I see the potential for people with the following exceptional qualities to play extraordinary roles in this awakening; however, this perspective is mine alone, and the list could just as easily be infinite. If something mentionable is noticed to have been left amiss, please comment and share your input.

1. People who furiously pursue self-mastery, but are able to dodge the traps of the ego and the fantasies of new age salvation.

2. People who meditate, but do not worship.

3. People who practice de-escalation, who understand the high art of withdrawal, and who are willing to compromise in order to win.

4. People who realize that in order to be free you must give freedom to others.

5. People who are capable of staring into the abyss of darkness without falling in, and without losing sight of the light.

6. People who have opinions, but revise them as often as needed to avoid getting fooled by them.

7. People who are more afraid of conformity than of standing alone.

8. People who value experience over suggestion.

9. People who love themselves first, and protect themselves first.

10. People who respect the universal principle that nature is here for our use, but not for our abuse.

11. Self-healers and self-teachers who survive by practicing independence.

12. People who understand the import and impact of history, but who are willing to abandon it or escape from it.

13. People who appreciate and rabidly exercise the power of saying ‘no.’

14. People who recognize that material truth is multi-layered and rarely revealed in its entirety at once.

15. People who know that spiritual truth is revealed in cosmic flashes of total clarity, but whom happily return to their work here on earth when the ride is over.

16. People who maintain harmony and balance by practicing gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and most importantly, service.

17. People who are experienced and skilled in transmuting their own anger into love.

18. People who can laugh at anything. For if it cannot be laughed at, it is not the Tao.

Final Thoughts

We have a tremendous opportunity at our fingertips. Rather than accidentally submitting to the Orwellian reality being scripted for us by the engineers of a society and culture in collapse, we have the choice to actively participate in re-writing our future for our own benefit.

This humble list is a reminder that it’s time to figure out where you stand in the struggle, to get there, and to stand firm.

Read more articles from Dylan Charles.

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

The Delusion ‘I Am Not Responsible’

Not Responsible, delusion,new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-Robert J. Burrowes

One of the many interesting details to be learned by understanding human psychology is how a person’s unconscious fear works in a myriad of ways to make them believe that they bear no responsibility for a particular problem.

This psychological dysfunctionality cripples a substantial portion of the human population in ways that work against the possibility of achieving worthwhile outcomes for themselves, other individuals, communities and the world as a whole. In an era when human extinction is now a likely near-term outcome of this dysfunctionality, it is obviously particularly problematic. So why does this happen and how does it manifest? See more

Living in the Psychopath Controlled State (Pathocracy) and How to Deal With It



– By Paul A Philips

Alternative media sources frequently describe certain political elite members as psychopaths. But what exactly makes up a psychopath? What exactly are the political implications..?

See more

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Stop Supporting Child Slavery By Avoiding These 7 Companies

Stop supporting, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, spirituality, natural health, child slavery, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awarenessby Alexa Erickson

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Americans sure do. In fact, the average American citizen eats over 11 pounds of chocolate each year. But there’s a downside to this sweet treat beyond simply questionable ingredients.

Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that’s a problem, since a variety of large corporations have been accused of using child slavery to give you your chocolate fix… See more

Monsanto Backs Out Of Seed Plant In Argentina After Protests

Monsanto, GMO,Argentina, Brandon Turbeville, New Paradigm, raising awareness, natural health-By Brandon Turbeville

In yet another victory against the multinational corporationMonsanto in Argentina, the company has now announced that it will dismantle its multi-million dollar GMO seed plant in Malvinas.

Monsanto made the decision to give up on its seed plant after three years worth of protests from local citizens..

See more


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, GOP, Republican, Democrat, US 2016 Election campaign, politicsEven having predicted that the media’s attacks on Trump would be unprecedented, I’m still amazed. Every single news outlet is dedicated to hysterically denouncing Trump, every minute of every day, while cooing at Hillary.

Everything Hillary has ever touched has failed, been engulfed in scandal, resulted in massive investigations, litigation, financial ruin, prison or death. The final stage of any Hillary enterprise is a grand announcement that Hillary did not technically break the law. Or no one can prove she did. Or, even if she did, no one ever gets prosecuted for it.

She’s prone to coughing fits and lapses of memory in the middle of speeches, and falls down all the time. But that’s not nearly as important as the media’s manufactured story about Trump throwing a baby out of a rally! See more

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9 Indisputable Truths about “Conspiracy Theorists”

Conspiracy theorists, conspiracies, cover-ups, raising awareness, New World Order, activism, liberty, new paradigm, alternative media, social engineering-By Paul A Philips

The day the masses wake up and understand what the term “conspiracy theory” really means and recognise the truth about “conspiracy theorists,” who they are, what they stand for, the world ruling elite’s hold on humanity will be over. Their deceptive cover would have been blown wide open and indeed there will be consequences.

-So, in light of the above, here are 9 indisputable truths about “conspiracy theorists.”  

“Conspiracy theorists”

… See more

How Focussing On The Negative Can Transform Your Life!

Negative,self improvement, motivation, education, laws of attraction, spirituality, spiritual, self growthIt always amuses me when I hear people labelling something as ‘negative’ with all its connotations. As if the negative is something to be ignored or dismissed. Do these people, especially some of those new agers think that negative things will all go away if ignored? That by focussing on the positive will bring about a complete turnaround? What about the old adage, what you resist will persist..?

No. Labelling, invalidating or dismissing something merely as negative may mean that you have missed the point: For example, if I told you that your kitchen is on fire, would you then turn to me and say something in the way of “Oh, you’re talking so negatively. I was happy until now…” Of course you wouldn’t say something so absurd. No, instead you’d try and do something about it. Let’s say you’d race into your kitchen and instinctively try and put out the fire. After putting out the fire, say it was caused by a frying pan with oil; you would indeed then thank me for putting your attention on this… See more

Philip K. Dick Claimed That Time Stopped in 50 AD and Didn’t Progress Since Then

Philip K. Dick , raising awareness, new pRdigm,alternative media, enlightenment, self-improvement, hidden knowledgeNovelist Philip K. Dick, suggested that time on Earth has stopped in the year 50 AD, and he gives concrete reasons for his theory in his breathtaking essay “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later,” in “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon.”

In short, he believes that…

See more


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15 Common Sense Reasons to Free Yourself from Politics

Voting,Consciousness & Body, Contributors, Culture, Evolution, Evolution & The Shift, Featured, Governance, Ideas, Isaac Davis, Mind, Revolution, Self, Society-by Isaac Davis
“Our continued participation in this circus performance we call politics feeds the illusion of its legitimacy.”

When even the highest agencies of the law cannot prosecute the political elite for their crimes, and when no mainstream media organization is willing to press for truth on obvious election fraud, it’s naive to expect the political system to improve just because we got involved and casted a vote for the least terrible of two shady candidates… See more

10 Things Considered Healthy but are Unhealthy

Unhealthy,Mammograms, mammograms early detection, fluoride, milk is bad for you, white bread unhealthy, Breakfast cereals unhealthy, margarine unhealthy, unhealthy foods, nutrition facts

-By Paul A Philips

Whether it’s through marketing deception, misunderstanding, bad education, bad science, misguidance or old wives tales… when it comes to health there are a number of reasons to believe what we’ve been told is true but is in actual fact false.

-So here are 10 things considered to be healthy but are not. 

See more




10 Ways to Raise Our Vibration

Raise vibration,Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness,spirituality, natural health, self help, empowerment, Paul A Philips, raising vibration, awareness-by Juliet Tang

What is Vibration?

Vibration is our unique personal energy frequency, or energy signature. It is the state of our energy at this moment as a result of all beliefs, emotions, experiences and interactions we have accumulated. Our vibration is directly affected by both the external such as our environmental factors and lifestyle choices, as well as the internal such as our thoughts and beliefs. Hence, it is essential for us to take care of ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to maintain high vibration.

Why Is It Important to Raise Our Vibration?

As multidimensional beings (or light beings) comprised of a physical body (which is nothing more than a solid form shaped by tightly packed energy particles) and energy bodies, the higher our vibration, the faster the particles vibrate in our energy field and the more balanced and fulfilling we find our lives to be… See more

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