Facts That Our War-Happy Leaders Would Like to Keep Hushed Up

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War-Happy Leaders…

-by Paul Buchheit

Donald Trump said, “I’m going to make our military so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody — absolutely nobody — is gonna mess with us.”

Simple-minded but deadly thinking at the top derives from influential groups and individuals who think we have to KILL to keep the rest of the world in line. The compliant mainstream media scares us into accepting wars and drone killings overseas, military-style defenses on our own streets, surveillance of our private lives. For the war-happy leadership of America, certain realities are better left unsaid, or at most reported quickly and quietly…

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Alan Watts – Everything Is Vibration

New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)

Alternative cancer treatment, natural health, ginger, antioxidants, alternative news, new paradigm, raising awareness, organic food, healing, chemotherapy, anti-inflammationGinger has proven itself to be amazing in the fight against cancer, in recent studies it has shown to be even more effective at killing cancer cells than some medications.

Ginger was found to reduce the size of a prostate tumor by 65% in one study at the Georgia State University. In addition to this, it is known to reduce inflammation and supply the body with antioxidants… see more

Hell – O!!! Deceptive Language and Hidden Meanings

How to Deprogram Yourself in 7 Important Steps

Control, Recent Articles, The Matrix, deprogram, consciousness, new Paradigm, Gregg Prescott, mind control, government, alternative newsDeprogram yourself…

-by Gregg Prescott

Society has undergone a mass brainwashing and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness… see more


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Leading Consciousness Researcher Bridges the Gap Between Science and Real Magic

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The scientific and real magic…

-by Dylan Charles

Those of us who have experienced true magic in our lives have been wondering when modern science will somehow bridge the gap between science and spirit, and wondering what will happen to the world when these forces finally unite. It’s coming.

Is magic real? Sure it is, which is why there’s such a long and storied history of it in every human civilization, and why so many people practice it everyday, whether they realize it or not… see more

The TYRANNICAL Bill EVERY American MUST Know About NOW!!!

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Global Debt Is Now An Insane $164 Trillion, But Who Exactly Do We Owe?

-by Isaac DavisDebt, Federal Reserve, Fiat, Global Debt, IMF

If you’ve ever wondered why the world seems hopelessly fraught with endless conflict, ruled corrupt states, and bent on developing a never-ending supply of advanced weaponry, you’d need to understand the nature of our debt based economy.

The IMF has just reported that total global debt is now at a staggering $164 trillion, which amounts to 225% of total global GDP. Every person on this planet could turn over everything they produce for the next two plus years and we’d still be in debt… see more

Cosmic creativity — how art evolves consciousness: Alex Grey at TEDxMaui 2013

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Sinister Occult Logos Used By Technology Corporations

Occult logos, technology corporations, occult, occult symbols, Freemasons, 666, Saturn, one-eye symbolism, technology, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm, occult symbols, X-by Paul A Philips

Everywhere, we are being constantly bombarded withoccult logos and symbols. Like, for instance, the occult logos used by corporations. There is an underlying sorcery connected to them, intended to have an unconscious effect on us. Remember, the insignia and hidden meaning behind corporate occult logos is seen by the corporations owning them with their products as a symbolic representation that they control a deaf, dumb and blind public who are totally unaware of what is going on.The sinister and creepy occult logos used by corporations in technology are no exception.

As with the other occult logos the recurring patterns and occulted connections of these technology logos can be recognized. Then their intended unconscious effects can be neutralized.

In reflection of this, here is a brief overview of some of the occult logos used by technology corporations… see more

Alan Watts ~ Try To Live In The Moment (Ship Analogy)

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Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants

Human-sheep chimera

Human-sheep chimera


 A team of scientists has grown embryos inside a sheep that contain human stem cells, moving the sci-fi idea of developing human organs inside animals one step closer to reality, which has sparked ethical concerns.

The scientific breakthrough could potentially save the lives of thousands of people who are in a dire need of vital organ transplants. While many patients die before they move up to the top of a queue, organs grown inside a sheep, like a pancreas, can not only save a life but also cure a chronic illness such Type 1 Diabetes, the researchers say.

This week, the team from Stanford University was able to grow a sheep embryo injected with adult human stem cells for 28 days… see more

Inspiring Rant: Your Democracy Has Been Stolen; It’s Time For Revolution

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How Spiritual Are You? Care To Find Out?!

Spiritual, spirituality, excellent communication, self improvement, transformation, self helpHow Spiritual Are You..?

There are so many things that not only weaken our spiritual light the expression of who we really are but threaten our very existence. Some of those things include: Toxicity from junk food, GMO’s, heavy metal poison in our food, toxic vaccine overload especially with children, airborne chemical spraying, low electromagnetic frequencies… All of which disturb the equilibrium of our body’s bio-energetic fields… see more

Third Eye Pineal Gland: The Biggest Cover Up in Human History

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Politicized Pseudo-Science: How it is used to Strip Away Our Freedom

Politicized Pseudo-Science…

Pseudo-science, mainstream media propaganda, technocracy, Paul A Philips, New World Order agenda, mandatory vaccination, New Paradigm, health freedom, food freedom, political science agenda-By Paul A Philips

To most school students the idea of politics influencing science may seem quite absurd. After all, how could, for example, the hard sciences like physics steeped in set-in-stone scientific facts ever get influenced by politics..? But the truth is science is more politicized now than ever. So the real question that should be asked is how can science NOT be influenced by politics? With its fact-distorting hegemonic idealist dogma, politicized pseudo-science has taken over in a big way, as it is used to control us and strip away our freedom.

-The world’s ruling oligarchs controlling the money, politics and science consider themselves to be genetically superior to the rest of us and unbendingly believe they know what’s best for everyone’s future: Ignoring our objection or opinion, we’re expected to blindly follow their false pseudo-scientific principles tied in to political agendas having ulterior motives as we become more and more enslaved… see more

Here’s Hw the Evil Powers-That-Be Can Take You Down in a Moment!

A 2% Financial Wealth Tax Could Provide a $12,000 Annual Income to Every American Household

Financial, financial wealth, American household, benefits, welfare, wealth, America, Paul Buchheit, well-being, poverty-by Paul Buchheit

It’s not hard to envision the benefits in work opportunities, stress reduction, child care, entrepreneurial activity, and artistic pursuits for American households with an extra $1,000 per month. It’s also very easy to justify a financial wealth tax, given that the dramatic stock market surge in recent years is largely due to an unprecedented degree of technological and financial productivity that derives from the work efforts and taxes of ALL Americans. A 2% annual tax on financial wealth is a small price to pay for the great fortunes bestowed on the most fortunate Americans. (Remember: Just five men own almost as much wealth as half the world’s population.)… see more

Google Chrome browser scans all the files on your computer, including private photos, documents and spreadsheets

Google Chrome browser…

Big Brother, computing, evil, Glitch, Google, google chrome, personal information, police state, privacy, privacy watch, surveillance, technology, web browsers-by Vicki Batts

Google has come under fire for many questionable actions as of late — and the startling revelation that their widely used web browser, Google Chrome, is scanning personal computers around the world is nothing short of infuriating for its users. Big Brother is here — and countless numbers of people have invited this authoritarian presence (in one form or another) while being none the wiser. Indeed, some of the world’s largest corporations (like Google and Amazon) are continuing to find new ways to invade user privacy… see more


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The 10 worst health HOAXES pushed as “science” over the last 100 years

The 10 worst health HOAXES pushed as “science” over the last 100 years

GMOs lies, health hoaxes, health lies, health myths, greatest hoaxes, health propaganda, vaccines harmful, lies, new paradigm, Big Pharma lies
-by S.D. Wells

When a trend goes viral, millions of Americans “board that train” without giving it a second thought; however, come to find out, most of these massively popular trends aren’t trends at all, but rather propaganda-led health Ponzi schemes that have led millions of “sheeple” (people who act like ignorant sheep) off their own health cliff. Long before the internet, and even before television, science demons (evil humans in white lab coats) were hard at work inventing ways to slowly poison Americans with chemical-based food and chemical-laced medicine, and they needed marketing experts to fool the public with catchy tag lines and slogans that could be plastered all over print media…

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3 Stages in the Evolution of the Human Spirit

…Evolution of the human spiritHuman spirit, evolution, ego, consciousness, Frank M Wanderer, self, alertness, new paradigm, spiritual, self-improvement

-by Frank M Wanderer

The development of the human spirit has three stages. This development begins with separated ego, “me” and ends in the free space of Consciousness.

EGO –The Unconscious Patterns of the Mind 

The Ego is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future. The components of the Ego are thoughts, emotions, memories (with which the person identifies as “my story”), fixed unconscious roles and collective identifications (nationality, religion, etc.). Most people completely identify with these components of the Ego, and for them no self “outside” of this exists…

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Occult Technology: 3 Magick Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Occult technology, new paradigm, alternative news, consciousness, sensory deprivation tank, technology, self realization, self-help, altered states, mind body-by Jason Louv, editor-in-chief of Ultraculture.org

These four gadgets are some of the most potent occult technology for altering consciousness ever created. Check out what we’ve got for you…

Since the dawn of history, human beings have been trying to alter their consciousnesses, with every conceivable means, from fasting to sleeplessness to psychedelic drugs and many, many more ways. It’s like sex: If there’s any conceivable way to do it, somebody’s tried it. In the 20th and 21st centuries, however, we’ve gotten some incredible new occult technology for pushing our minds out of their usual ruts and into unexplored territories:

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Fingerprints, Eye Scans Now Required To Buy Food In India, As Banks Cut Off Cryptocurrencies

Eye scans, central banks, India, cryptocurrencies, fingerprints, government, digital currency, big brotherFingerprints, eye scans: As banks in India cut off access to cryptocurrencies, the government is rolling out a big brother financial grid complete with their own digital currency.

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7 Realistic Drawings by Gerhard Haderer That Show the Raw Truth of Today’s Society

Realistic Drawings by Gerhard Haderer selfie

Poignant art. Gerhard Haderer creates realistic drawings that say a lot about the way we live.

The artist has made a career out of satire – realistic drawings that resonate with the honest truth about today’s society.

We present some of the talented illustrator’s work and explain what it says about life today… see more

The Beauty Of Water – Alan Watts

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