Silicon Valley now rapidly abandoning the philosophy of “free speech” by turning to censorship, obedience and conformity

…censorship, obedience and conformity

Censorship, First Amendment, free speech, Google, goolag, Silicon Valley, tech companies, techno tyranny, Tyranny

It’s hard to believe that anyone would support tyranny over liberty, but sadly, millions of Americans across the country do. For the most part, this embrace of an all-powerful totalitarian state like the one described in George Orwell’s 1984 comes from the progressive left, who are committed to destroying everything from the freedom of speech, to states’ rights, to the right to bear arms. It’s unfortunate that they don’t realize how precious individual liberty really is, and how the type of fundamental transformation that they so desperately want to achieve has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Slowly but surely, the Internet is becoming less free as companies like Facebook and Google look for new ways to combat what they consider to be “hate speech” or “fake news,” even if the actual content is none of those things. Truth be told, the end goal is to suppress conservative voices that do not subscribe to the progressive ideology, and in order to accomplish that, companies must first surrender their dedication and respect for the First Amendment…

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Redesigning Ourselves Creating A Plan…

Redesigning ourselves, self-help, new world order, consciousness, transformation, changing ourselves, raising awareness, new paradigm, ruling elite, global conspiracy-by Visionkeeper

Heal Yourself Then Heal the World

Everyday it seems the insanity continues to grow to a new fevered pitch. For a short while it got so unbearable that I really didn’t want to be a part of this world any longer, at the same time I knew I was called here at this time to change reality. The insanity has been serving its purpose in waking up the sleepers of the world to what is going on. It has become impossible to not know the truth any longer. Everything is imploding around us and while it can be a bit scary at times, it is the catalyst that will bring about the changes we hunger for.

So how do we create these changes we wish to see? First by changing ourselves by reconnecting with the truth of who we are and living our lives honestly and in harmony with that truth… see more

The One Thing You Mustn’t Know


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Genetically Modified Humans Are Here

Genetically modified, genetically modified humans, biotechnology, new paradigm, alternative news, GM human embryos, health, science, designer babies, GM human embryo

Genetically modified humans…

-by Nathaniel Mauka
When genetically modified plants, insects and larger animals came on the scene, many warned that humans would be next. Scientists have now confirmed the first genetically modified human embryos. They’re here, but to what end?

The lead author of a widely circulating report states that the goal is to transplant some of these genetically modified humans into a mother with the goal of establishing a viable pregnancy. The children would then be monitored, should they make it full term, to see how they progress as part of our human community… see more

MOTIVATION – Enjoy the process

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Take This Test to See How Brainwashed You Are

Activism, brainwashed, mind control, conspiracy, new world order, new paradigm, raising awareness, control system, conspiracies, alternative media-by Phillip J. Watt

This test will ascertain if you’re one of the many people who are perfectly designed robots of the system.

Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue about how reality works and are instead engaged in fruitless fighting against each other. How are we meant to wake these people up to the actual reality they live in before we sink into complete totalitarianism?

The first step is to encourage ourselves and others to ask the following questions. If you answer yes to them, you’ve been brainwashed by the status quo. Don’t believe me though; get your serious research on by, you know, reading books, watching documentaries and following the plethora of brilliant social commentators in the alternative media who are handing the people their freedom on a silver platter.

So, do you believe that: See more

Don’t Support Child Slavery Avoid These 6 Chocolate Companies

Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that’s a problem, since a variety of large corporations have been accused of using child slavery to give you your chocolate fix.

15 health benefits of Probiotics for Optimal Healing

Probiotics, new paradigm, natural health, health benefits, health healing, diet nutrition, digestion problems, digestive health, beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus-by Lori Alton, staff writer

Based on the most recent data, probiotics rank as one of the most popular supplements in the United States, according to the National Health Interview Survey.  Yet, sadly, Western medicine continues to downplay its significant health value. Why?

Could the growing popularity of probiotics and the improved health of millions of people pose a threat to Big Pharma profits? Or, is it just a pervasive lack of nutritional knowledge within the medical community? That debate is for another day. Today, we’ll focus on the benefits. (keep reading to learn more) See more

Did The Egyptians Know How To Transfer Consciousness From One Entity To Another?

Wavelenth 21 Grams, DARPA, Ancient Egyptians, psychics, consciousness, new paradigm, suppressed knowledge, hidden suppressed, ancient history, KA-by Christina Sarich

In the movie 21 Grams, the idea is presented that upon the moment of death, the human body instantaneously loses exactly 21 grams – supposedly the weight of the soul. Though this is not scientifically proven, there seems to be evidence that our consciousness is indeed a transferable entity – and the ancient Egyptians most likely knew exactly how to transfer consciousness, or the soul, from one person to another… see more


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8 Examples to Show How Big Pharma Cares More about Profits than People

Big Pharma profits…

Big Pharma, Big Pharma profits, corporate greed, FDA, opioid addiction, painkiller drug addiction, Kratom, cannabidiol, cannabis, Paul A Philips

-By Paul A Philips

From time to time, the alternative health media publishes an article serving as a scathing exposé, revealing some of Big Pharma’s dirty tricks used to maintain or increase its profit margin. Quite simply, each and every exposé shows capitalism at its ugliest. As a consequence, patients affected may end up broke, permanently sick, sicker, or even dead. How low will Big Pharma stoop in its lust for profits?

-As an insight, and with a view towards protecting yourself, not becoming a victim of corporate greed, here are 8 examples to show how Big Pharma cares more about profits than people… see more


5 Pyramids of the Ancient World that You May Not Have Heard About

Forbidden history, suppressed knowledge, new paradigm, alternative archaeology, ancient origins, ancient history, alternative news, pyramids, ancient world-by April Holloway,

The Great Pyramid of Giza is undoubtedly one of the most well-known icons of the ancient world.

But thousands of other pyramids exist, not just in Egypt, but across the entire globe, including Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

The reason why so many ancient civilizations, many of which had no contact with each other, were constructing pyramids at around the same time remains a bit of a mystery.

Nevertheless, many of these impressive monuments remain as legacies of these rich, ancient cultures. Here, we look at 5 little-known pyramids from the ancient world… see more

Broccoli does AMAZING things for digestive health and overall disease prevention

New paradigm, Cabbage, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, chemoprotective properties, natural health, diet nutrition, digestive health, anti-cancer food, gut health, Broccoli-by Dena Schmidt

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are well known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and chemoprotective properties. Now research out of Penn State University is showing that broccoli could bring dramatic benefits to digestive health and overall wellbeing.

For the study, one group of mice were fed a diet of around 15 percent broccoli – this is the equivalent of a human eating around 3.5 cups of broccoli per day. And, while this may seem like a lot, it does shrink down when cooked or an equivalent amount of the helpful compound ICZ can be obtained from a single cup of Brussels sprouts.
A control group was not fed any broccoli… see more

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It’s Official – We Now Know That UFOs or UAP Are Real – So Are They Extraterrestrial or Not?

Extraterrestrial, New Paradigm, UFOs, UAP, Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon, hidden suppressed, forbidden knowledge, intelligence agencies, conspiracies cover ups, flying saucers, evidence UFOs

UAP or extraterrestrial..?

-by Arjun Walia

It’s almost 2018, and the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAP, a term that seems to be the new “official wording” from government personnel) is now a verified fact within the mainstream. Just as certain as we are of  several different concepts that come from repeatable hard science, or information about other phenomena in other subject areas dealing with observation, we (humanity) are just as certain about UFOs… see more

What you need to know about ILLUSIONS and living in a FALSE REALITY

Not everything is as it seems. Our discernment may be our only weapon against seductive illusions. Are we living in a dream world? Do we live in a artificial construct… the Matrix?

Transparent Solar Panels Like This Could Harvest Energy From Windows & Replace Fossil Fuels

Solar panels, transparent solar panels, energy, alternative energy, fossil fuels, new paradigm, technology, solar electricity, science, windows

-by Alanna Ketler

Have you ever thought of how great it would be if all windows were able to conduct solar electricity? Well that fantasy might soon become reality, as a new transparent solar cell technology has been designed to harness the endless solar potential of building and car windows — even cell phones, and any other object with a transparent surface, for that matter.

I wrote about this technology a couple of years ago when it was still in its infancy, but now, scientists at Michigan State University have detailed in a paper published in the journal Nature Energy that these highly transparent solar panels could “nearly meet U.S. electricity demand” in just a few years and therefore reduce our reliance on fossil fuels… see more

Germ free – the fastest way to get sick: Expert suggests that we’re too clean; lack of germ exposure is weakening our immune systems

allergies, cleanliness, germ-free, hygiene, hygiene hypothesis, immune response, immune system, triclosan, natural health , new paradigm

Germ free…

-by Ralph Flores

We have been waging war with germs for the longest time, it seems. Since we were young, we have been taught that germs are harmful and that we should make sure we are clean all the time. It is a lesson that echoes even today, with the swaths of products that ensure you are spotless at all times.

It turns out, the phrase ‘at all times’ may be the reason why we are losing out on sickness these days… see more


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Key Facets To A World Where Humanity Can Thrive

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, thrive, spirituality, humanity, self help, humanity, Paul A Philips, Quantum physics, technology-by Avery Rouda

Instead of narrowing our focus on the misfortunes plaguing our world, let us look to the future with bright eyes and open minds.

This article is a list of technologies and present innovations  — of realizations and higher vibrations. We, as a collective, can either get sucked into the spiralling delusion of doomsday, or we can soar into the future with power, passion, and freewill  — deciding for ourselves the future of humanity…

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12 Keys to Access the Deeper Dimensions of Life

Deeper dimensions, empowerment, consciousness, awareness, new paradigm, Frank M Wanderer, raising awareness, spiritual growth, spirituality, self-help-by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D.

Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something.

This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else. We therefore lose our grip on the deeper dimensions of life. The deeper dimensions are present in our life, but we lose contact with them because of our lack of Alertness. The question therefore arises, how we are able to access the deeper dimensions of Life?

Here are 12 Keys to access the Deeper Dimensions of Life.. see more

They’re Trying to Ban Another Harmless Plant That Helps People

Astronomers say there is a ninth planet after all, but it’s not Pluto

9th Planet,Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, science and technology, natural health, self help, conspiracies, Paul A Philips, raising awareness -by LUCY GOODCHILD VAN HILTEN

Today’s sophisticated astronomy equipment can detect planets thousands of light-years away from Earth, so you’d think it was pretty safe to assume we know what’s spinning in our own neighbourhood. So imagine scientists’ surprise when they came across what seems to be the ninth planet in our own solar system – one we haven’t yet seen…

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Two Adult Elephants Work Together To Save Young Calf From Drowning


The young calf had was standing at the side of a large pool in Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, with an adult elephant when it slipped and fell into the water. The pair of frantic adult elephants saved the drowning calf in an incredible display of teamwork.


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Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

Alternative news, new paradigm, Medical cannabis, THC, alternative cancer treatment natural health, self help, conspiracy, Cannabinoids, raising awareness, kill cancer cells


-by Arjun Walia

Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells…

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If You’re Still Picking Sides Do NOT Watch This Video!!

If You’re Still Picking Sides Do NOT Watch This Video!!

Social Engineering the Art of Human Hacking

Hacking, Alternative news, new paradigm, freedom, empowerment, spirituality, social engineering, self help, conspiracy, Jon Rappoport, raising awareness-by Jon Rappoport

“Now we have a whole army of experts, whose job is to tell you success only comes with you being part of a group. Your status as an individual is transmitted to you through some diabolical portion of your brain that is loaded with false messages. Therefore, give up on the greatest adventure in the world. Take the elevator down to the basement, get off, and join the crowd. That’s where the love is. That’s where your useless courage dissolves into sugar, and the chorus of complaints will be magically transformed into a paradise of the lowest common denominator. Give up the ghost. You’re home. The sun never rises or sets. Nothing changes. The same sameness rules.”

(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Since the 1960s, many people have decided that, in order to create the future they want, they should engage in a certain amount of introspection.

Spiritual or psychological introspection

I have encountered a large number of such people, who have swung the balance to the point where introspection has become indecision and paralysis.

There are “so many issues to consider.”

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Reality Is A Strange Loop – The Beauty Of Paradox + GRAPHICS

Strange Loops – A guided tour through Douglas Hofstadter’s paradoxical concept of ‘strange loops’, and what they reveal about the ultimate nature of existence and consciousness.


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Are ‘God’s SUN’ & the ‘SON of God’ the same?

God's SUN, Religion,spirituality,New Paradigm,Jesus Christ,Jesus,Gnostic,lord Jesus,pious fraud,faith in Jesus,sun god-By Paul A Philips

From another blog I showed how the New Testament Jesus character was derived from many earlier mythological Pagan/Gnostic god men all having the same biography; theprophesised messiah born 25th December, virgin birth, had 12 disciples (or helpers), performs miracles, turning water into wine, causes a great political stir, gets crucified between 2 thieves and soon after rises from the dead… etc. Once this has been understood, that the Jesus New Testament character never existed, it could then be asked: Where did this recurring biographical motif come from? Can the answer be found in astrology? -See more

FCC Poised to Kill Net Neutrality Rules — Here’s How to Keep the Internet Open

First Amendment, net neutrality, new paradigm, Carolanne Wright, technology, internet, internet freedom, FCC, Federal Communications Commission

Net neutrality rules…

-by Carolanne Wright

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” ~ Aaron Swartz, co-founder of Demand Progress and net neutrality activist

Called the First Amendment issue of our time by Senator Al Franken in 2010, whether or not net neutrality should be enforced has created fierce debate for almost a decade.

Telecom companies in the U.S. and across Europe have long fought against any type of net neutrality safeguards set in place by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), claiming the rules discourage free-market investment toward better cable and wireless networks. But former FCC chair,Tom Wheeler, said the FCC would not intervene [in] areas such as pricing, network unbundling and technical operating requirements… -See more

Is The Use Of Ayahuasca Helping To Raise Our Global Environmental Consciousness?

Consciousness, environmental consciousness, Ayahuasca, new paradigm, psychedelic plant, spiritual, spirituality, enlightenment, psychoactive drugs, spiritual healing-by Alanna Ketler

Ayahuasca, a potent psychedelic plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by many indigenous tribes in South America, has been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of decades from Westerners seeking spiritual or physical healing.

More and more people are travelling to Peru, Brazil, and other South American countries hoping to find enlightenment or recover from various traumas. Ceremonies are often facilitated by expert healers, including curanderos, shamans, ayahuasqueros, and maestros, all of whom have been traditionally trained with knowledge passed down from their ancestors on how to properly facilitate healing ceremonies… -See more

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle | Animated Book Review

The Power of Now is mainly about spirituality. Nonetheless, it contains a handful of practical insights. Some of wich revolve around our prevalent daily struggles: Depression, anxiety, fear, worry etc.

My speech turns slightly repetitive explaining the first concept, I did this on purpose because the majority don’t practice meditation so I wanted to elaborate the idea in simple words. Meditation practitioners will grasp the first insight easily because I’m sure they already know what I’m talking about (staying present).

Further explanation for concept one:

1- Cultivate carelessness towards the future e.g: You don’t worry about brushing your teeth the night before, you initiate the task when the appropriate time for it comes.

2- Nothing happens outside the present: Past & future occurences happen in the moment. You can wait for a future happening to occur before your eyes or waste time fantasizying.

3- If, however, you indulge in worrying, no matter how vainly you try to change future occurences, it will never mirror your anticipation.

This one’s supposed to be a “spiritual concept”(Meditation practitioners grasp it easier than others who don’t meditate) But I tried to detail it in a practical fashion anyhow.

Second Concept:

1- Aim for success, forget about success: The gold lies in mastery. Enjoy the growth you gain from the process.


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Home Gardening: How this couple earns a six figure annual income with 1.5 acres of land

Home Gardening: How this couple earns a six figure annual income with 1.5 acres of land

clean food, food production, food security, food sovereignty, home gardening, income, local food, organic farming, Small farms, small scale-by 

Can small-scale farming in the modern age really generate enough income for the average family to make an honest living? For Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Maude-Hélène Desroches, it does. The Canadian couple grows beets, broccoli, salad greens, carrots, and various other types of produce on their modest 1.5 acres of land, from which theygenerate an average of at least $140,000 per year in sales – not too shabby! -See more

EMF Warriors 12 – A Half-Century of Wisdom with Dr. Andrew Marino

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3 Characteristics of Small Thriving Communities that Work for Everyone

Thriving communities, community, community life, empowerment, new paradigm, Paul A Philips, food, food freedom, health freedom, health, self-sufficiency-by Paul A Philips

The transitional period we’re currently in calls for us to re-educate ourselves in ways that many have not even considered. For our protection, preparedness, survival and stability, to help each other out during these uncertain times, there needs to be a number of solutions in place. One empowering solution is to form small close-knit communities based on food self-sufficiency and health freedom…

see more

What you need to know about ILLUSIONS and living in a FALSE REALITY

Not everything is as it seems. Our discernment may be our only weapon against seductive illusions. Are we living in a dream world? Do we live in a artificial construct… the Matrix?

Bill Gates Buys Big Chunk of Land in Arizona to Build ‘Smart City’

Bill Gates, ‘smart city,’ technology, Phoenix, Arizona, digital networks, autonomous vehicles, Inter of things, new paradigm, KPNX-by Bianca Buono, KPNX

PHOENIX – One of Bill Gates’ investment firms has spent $80 million to kickstart the development of a brand-new community in the far West Valley.

The large plot of land is about 45 minutes west of downtown Phoenix off I-10 near Tonopah.

The proposed community, made up of close to 25,000 acres of land, is called Belmont. According to Belmont Partners, a real estate investment group based in Arizona, the goal is to turn the land into its own “smart city.” -See more

This Dumb Smart Fridge Shows Why the Internet of Things Will Break

Big Brother, mass surveillance, surveillance, Internet of Things, new paradigm, raising awareness, technology, smart fridge, new paradigm-by Elizabeth

For over a year, owners of a Samsung smart fridge have been unable to use their fridge’s pre-installed Google Calendar app, proving what we all suspected: the Internet of Things can quickly become an Internet of Broken Thingssee more


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