11 Ways to Spiritual Growth & Self-Improvement

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The application of knowledge is power. This is the wisdom within from which comes awareness and responsibility. I declare that from this wisdom, I am a stand for the possibility of a new paradigm experience where there will be abundance and freedom for humanity.

What is referred to as ‘ I ‘ in the following also applies to you, or collectively, we-the-people. “For I am human, please help me to help me become.”

1. I realize that basically Mother Earth provides enough for our needs (but not our greed). Life works; it is naturally free and self-enriching: I am self-sufficient.

2. Life shows up for me as a consequence of where I am at with my thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions and actions. –Therefore, what I sow is what I reap: Truth, honesty, integrity and non-victimhood is the mortar holding together life workability. In short, I am responsible for everything in my life.

3. Relating to the above statement, if I don’t like the circumstances out there in my life then I look within: I check out my thoughts, feelings, emotions… to see what needs changing to make things manifest out there in a different way. What’s ‘out there’ is only a mirror reflection of what’s going on ‘within.’

4. Not operating on the level of ‘victim’ I realize that anyone committed to creating a world based on freedom and unconditional love will be well supported. -Life supports life.

5. Consistent with the laws of attraction, the higher I raise my vibration to one of harmony, balance and unconditional love, the more people and circumstances of a likewise kind I attract.

6. Life naturally drifts towards disorder. If I am living a life merely ran by routine, programmed responses and dogmatism, i.e. in a state of no growth, I am shrinking and drifting towards disorder. Therefore, to avoid this disorder, I must in some way be in a state of growth.

7. Following on from the above statement, to break away from the conditioning and limitations in the no growth state, I must pay attention to and act on the impulses coming from my creative inner being. The unpredictable nature of human consciousness calls me to be in the inspirational moment.

8. Wholeness, fulfilment and completion: These words spell freedom. Freedom is the only thing worth living for. Freedom to BE is an absolute essential for our evolution as a race.

9. The main component of free will is choice. To BE in the presence of choice is another absolute essential for our evolution as a race.

10. Events perceived as difficult or challenging (especially those that keep recurring as patterns in life) are opportunities (many in disguise) to apply wisdom, allow the higher self to express itself and consequentially not only find solutions but transform. I realize that wisdom and its highest expression can create a world of happiness, joy and contentment. This is up to me.

11. Enhancing or limiting growth in one’s self will in turn enhance or limit the growth of those surrounding and vice-versa. Everything is connected. We are one.


Religion, consciousness, spirituality, mind, body, health, alternative media, self-improvement, spiritual growth, spiritual, Paul A. Philips


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