15 Alkaline Foods that Prevent Obesity, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Alkaline Foods, alkalized body, anti-cancer foods, super foods, new paradigm, natural health, disease prevention, best foods, alternative news, alkaline bodyBy now you’ve likely heard how awful acidity in the body can be, given how it can contribute to cancer, heart disease, and more.

Did you know, however, that there are foods that can help correct that problem?

We’re here with the fifteen best foods for restoring an alkaline environment in your body.

  1. Avocados: Avocados help the absorption of nutrients from vegetables and fruits, control the levels of cholesterol and make your heart stronger.
  2. Bananas: By balancing blood sugar levels, protecting the heart, and improving digestion, bananas are a true superfood.
  3. Berries: Berries improve the skin and are good food to slow down the aging process. They help with chronic health disorders, and keep a sharp memory as you grow old.
  4. Broccoli: Courtesy improving the blood circulation as a result of high iron, broccoli keeps the heart healthy, improves the health of bones, and reduces the levels of cholesterol.
  5. Buckwheat: Great for heart health, diabetes prevention, and energy boosting, it’s also a great source of vitamins, iron, and protein.
  6. Carrots: Carrots improve your thought process and your eyesight due to their beta-carotene content (a group of pigments) which protect you against free radical damage.
  7. Cauliflower: Great for your heart and loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, cauliflower is also loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
  8. Flaxseed: Rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin E, flaxseed is a top alkaline food.
  9. Grapes: In addition to reducing anxiety and hypertension, grapes lower the risk of lung, prostate, colon, esophageal, pancreatic, endometrial, and mouth cancer as a result of key polyphenols (antioxidants).
  10. Lemons: Great for kidney stones, lemons also fight cancer, prevent constipation and high blood pressure.
  11. Melon: With a pH averaging 8.5, melons are also great for rehydrating your body.
  12. Olive oil: Especially compared to other oils, olive oil is great at reducing the risk of heart disease.
  13. Spinach: Spinach can eliminate free radicals, improve your memory, and keep your heart strong by being rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, it can stimulate your brain function.
  14. Swiss Chard: heart-healthy, it also improves blood sugar, fights free radicals, and boosts the immune system.
  15. Quinoa: Rich in manganese, magnesium, riboflavin, lysine and iron, it also resets cholesterol and blood sugars while also being rich in proteins and fiber.

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Baking Soda – True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Baking soda, Sodium bicarbonate health benefits, natural health, Big Pharma, healthcare, raising awareness, new paradigm, baking soda anti-cancer, anti-fungal, alkalized bodyYou probably have some idea how great baking soda can be – but we bet you had no idea it was this amazing!

Sodium Bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda, is enjoying the spotlight as researchers begin to study baking soda and cancer. Known for many years as the cure for all things fungal, baking soda is now taking center stage in many studies around the world.

That focus is bringing to the fore the concept that cancer and fungal infections go hand in hand.

“When taken orally with water, especially water with high magnesium content, and when used transdermally in medicinal baths, sodium bicarbonate becomes a first-line medicinal for the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, influenza and even the common cold… see more