3 Characteristics of Small Thriving Communities that Work for Everyone

Thriving communities, community, community life, empowerment, new paradigm, Paul A Philips, food, food freedom, health freedom, health, self-sufficiency-by Paul A Philips

The transitional period we’re currently in calls for us to re-educate ourselves in ways that many have not even considered. For our protection, preparedness, survival and stability, to help each other out during these uncertain times, there needs to be a number of solutions in place. One empowering solution is to form small close-knit communities based on food self-sufficiency and health freedom…

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What you need to know about ILLUSIONS and living in a FALSE REALITY

Not everything is as it seems. Our discernment may be our only weapon against seductive illusions. Are we living in a dream world? Do we live in a artificial construct… the Matrix?

Bill Gates Buys Big Chunk of Land in Arizona to Build ‘Smart City’

Bill Gates, ‘smart city,’ technology, Phoenix, Arizona, digital networks, autonomous vehicles, Inter of things, new paradigm, KPNX-by Bianca Buono, KPNX

PHOENIX – One of Bill Gates’ investment firms has spent $80 million to kickstart the development of a brand-new community in the far West Valley.

The large plot of land is about 45 minutes west of downtown Phoenix off I-10 near Tonopah.

The proposed community, made up of close to 25,000 acres of land, is called Belmont. According to Belmont Partners, a real estate investment group based in Arizona, the goal is to turn the land into its own “smart city.” -See more

This Dumb Smart Fridge Shows Why the Internet of Things Will Break

Big Brother, mass surveillance, surveillance, Internet of Things, new paradigm, raising awareness, technology, smart fridge, new paradigm-by Elizabeth

For over a year, owners of a Samsung smart fridge have been unable to use their fridge’s pre-installed Google Calendar app, proving what we all suspected: the Internet of Things can quickly become an Internet of Broken Thingssee more


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