6 Myths and Lies about Terrorism

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6 Myths and Lies about Terrorism

-By Paul A Philips

Think of all the money spent on wars. Think of the utopia we could create with all that money. The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars plus of hard-earned taxpayers’ money in the name of protecting its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of reasons. Here are just 6 of those myths and lies…

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The Truth About Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who is America!’


Environmental activists compile images of McDonald’s balloons washing up on coastlines around the world

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Environmental activists compile images of McDonald’s balloons washing up on coastlines around the world

-by Zoey Sky

Balloons can look innocent in parties, where they’re hung to liven up the place. However, a lot of these helium-inflated party favors end up on beaches, where they pollute most of the world’s coastlines. In particular, concerned campaigners from Blue Planet Society have called on McDonald’s branches in the U.K. to stop giving away balloons by collecting pictures of balloons from the fast-food giant that have washed up on beaches across the world. In addition to scrapping balloons, the organization is also seeking to stop single-use plastic (like straws) in fast-food chains in the U.K… see more

Revolution is an Inside Job

Revolution, energy, consciousness, spiritual, new paradigm, self-realization, transformation-by Caitlin Johnstone

Do we have enough time? This is the question I keep coming back to.

There are many existential threats to our species looming on the horizon, and our current trajectory has us hurtling straight into all of them fairly soon. We’re flirting with an ever-increasing threat of nuclear holocaust if environmental chaos doesn’t collapse industrial agriculture and cause an extinction-level famine event first. And if we dodge those, we’ve still got the automation crisis and impending AI explosion to deal with, as well as the possibly permanent worldwide lockdown of human consciousness as oligarchic propaganda and censorship become too sophisticated to circumventsee more


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