7 False Claims about Cancer by the Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment

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7 False Claims about Cancer by the Medical / Pharmaceutical Establishment

-by Paul A Philips

False claim 1 -The idea that cancer is a disease of the modern western world is overplayed
Cancer has been known since ancient times. However, it has gone from a rare disease as it was during the turn of the 1900’s to a rising global epidemic in modern times. The cancer establishment gives the impression that its true causes are unknown and plays down the idea that it is a disease of the modern western world.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Well documented evidence has been produced to show that cancer causes have been known for years… -see more

America is Silent About This! (2018-2019)

Apple Removes Thousands Of Apps In Compliance With Chinese Government

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-by Daniel Taylor

Apple has removed around 25,000 apps from its service after the Chinese government criticized the company for not doing enough to monitor content.

As the company makes further commitments to China amidst the ongoing trade war, the stakes are getting higher.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal… see more

Why Words are More Powerful Than Swords

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Words are more than elements of speech or writing. When spoken out loud, words transform into frequency and vibration that can be used to harness energy and harm or heal the body. In the occult world, certain words are used along with rituals and sacred geometries to direct and control energy to create certain desired effects. This process of using words, rituals, and sacred geometries to control and direct energy is known as magic. Be aware that I am not talking about magic tricks.

The most powerful thing in the Universe is energy. If you learn how to control and direct energy, you will become one of the most powerful people on Earth. This is why the Dark Magicians/Controllers of the world are so obsessed with the process of controlling energy. The key to controlling energy is magic, which is the art of using sacred sound, sacred geometry, and natural forces to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects… see more

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