The 9 Strategies Required for New World Order Implementation

New World Order, NWO, New Paradigm, alternative news, Paul A Philips, HG Wells, world depopulation, ruling elite, suppressed knowledge, divide and rule, conspiracy-By Paul A Philips

How can a small number of individuals making up society’s upper echelons arrogantly considering themselves to be intellectually superior to everybody else ruthlessly achieve world domination? The answer somewhat lies in a book written in 1940 by upper echelon, former British intelligence officer and famed science-fiction writer HG Wells. The book was aptly entitled “The New World Order.”

The way in which these individuals making up society’s upper echelons control the world couldn’t be better explained than by referring to the “9 strategies for a New World Order”taken from Wells’ book.

The 9 strategies required for NWO implementation are now being applied at a furious pace. So it’s worth examining them to see how they work in the modern-day context and what can be gleaned…

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Important Facts About Genetically Engineered Foods You’ll Never Hear From Mainstream Media

GM foods, genetically engineered foods, natural health, mainstream media, alternative news. new paradigm, diet nutrition, raising awareness, GM toxicity-by Arjun Walia

In 1996, Steven M. Druker did something very few Americans were doing then — learn the facts about the massive venture to restructure the genetic core of the world’s food supply. The problem of unawareness still exists today, but it’s getting much better thanks to activists like Druker.

Druker, being a public interest attorney and the Executive Director of the Alliance For Bio-Integrity, initiated a lawsuit in 1998 that forced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to divulge its files on genetically engineered foods… see more

The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering

Truthstream Media

Well here’s a fat bag of crazy for you, courtesy of the elites over at Davos ahead of their 2017 meeting. Add cashless in there of course, we would have but there are only so many words that will fit into a YouTube video title.


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