Are You Ready for Your State Mandated Brain Implant?

Kurt Nimmo, Mental Health, Microchip, Mind Control, RFID, Science

Are You Ready for Your State Mandated Brain Implant?

-by Kurt Nimmo

Brain implants are now a reality. How long will it be before you’re ordered to have one to correct thought crime? I put together a short video exploring this topic.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.


Kurt Nimmo, Mental Health, Microchip, Mind Control, RFID, Science


Are you a slave to your phone? Happiness research explains how social media is making you unhappy

addiction, badhealth, brain health, computing, connection, Facebook, Glitch, happiness, happiness research, mental health, mobile devices, mobile phones, personal relationships, psychiatry, Psychology, relationships, social connection, Social mediaWell, are you a slave to your phone..?

-by Jessica Dolores

Many things aren’t what they used to be because of social media. We don’t talk to each other often anymore, because we’d rather check our mobile phones even if we’re seated at a table with friends and family. So everyone ends up reaching for their mobile phones as well.

According to happiness researcher and psychologist Dr. Tim Bono, social media has changed the ways we relate to each other. We’re updated on what’s happening to the world and to our immediate surroundings faster. We know what our friends and family are up to. But just like any new development, social media can backfire if it’s abused, or not handled well. (h/t to

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Your Genome May Have Already Been Hacked

Genome, genetic identity, genetics, genetic information, privacy-by Norman A. Paradis,

Dartmouth College

On April 25, California law enforcement announced the possible capture of a long-sought serial killer.

Shortly after, it was reported that police had used public DNA databases to determine his identity.

This extraordinary event highlights that when you send off a cheek swab to one of the private genome companies, you may sacrifice not just your own privacy but that of your family and your ancestors.

In a time of widespread anxiety over the misuse of social media, Americans should also be concerned over who has access to their genetic information.

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