Big Pharma and the creation of a Painkiller Addiction Epidemic

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-by Paul A Philips

Many people would naturally associate drug addiction with illegal street drugs. However, there’s a different type of drug addiction. Growing exponentially and out of control Big Pharma has created an opioid painkiller addiction epidemic that’s causing more suffering and death than illegal street drugs… -See more


World’s First Floating City To Launch In Pacific Ocean By 2020, And Here’s How It Will Look

Floating cities are no longer a science fiction concept.

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Credit: Seasteading Institute

Floating cities sound like a concept out of a science-fiction film, but this is no longer the case. By 2020, the first floating city is expected to emerge in the Pacific Ocean, and life on it will be drastically different than life on land.

Seasteading Institute, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, is presently developing the first floating city — and has been since 2008. Recently, it reached an agreement with the government of French Polynesia to begin testing the proposed idea in its waters. Said Joe Quirk, the president of the Seasteading Institute…

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Cyborg Revolution

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