Can Digital Photography Actually PROVE That We Are Energy Beings?

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We are energy beings and as Cynthia Sue Larson explains, photography can actually “expose” these other dimensions of self.

Many have long known that we are energy beings. You’ve heard it before, “We are not a human being having a spiritual experience – we are a spiritual being having a human experience.” And as cliche as this may sound, now with our ever advancing technology, including and especially digital cameras, we are seeing direct evidence that this (that we are energy beings) is true.

In my recent filmed interview with ET contact researcher and lecturer Mary Rodwell, we discussed an image of Mary that was taken during one of her recent talks. She had just completed an energy healing on an individual who was present in the room, and then began her talk, which among other things included her findings with regard to some of the new or “star” children that she has researched in great depth.

At the conclusion of the talk, an audience member came rushing up to her to show her what appeared to be a spirit or etheric double of Mary – somewhat phantom-like in structure – with her eyes aiming toward the ceiling and mouth closed and with a look of complete reverence.

fter our episode aired, we received quite a few comments from viewers who felt this to be a simple case of “double exposure.” Mary and I in fact consulted with a photographer who although agreed that this was probably a double exposure, also admitted that there could be something else going on simultaneously.

When I showed the image to quantum researcher an david photographer Cynthia Sue Larson, she quickly and adamantly stated that though digital photography has definitely revealed many anomalies (including orb like images) double exposure is not one of them.

“I love seeing a double image photo, because I don’t see them anymore…I grew up with the old style film cameras and back in those days if you didn’t advance the film, you’d get a double exposure…because really since we’ve had digital cameras…this is the first double image photo that I’ve literally seen in all the last decade or so of digital photography. So my first reaction [when I saw this image] was ‘WOW, I just don’t see these anymore’,” Cynthia said.

When I told her that this photo was taken with a smart phone camera she said she got goosebumps. “That’s when I thought ‘Oh my gosh. Because something definitely is going on and if people are saying this is a double exposure with a cell phone, well please explain to me how that happened..I know photographers that would love to generate these kind of images and they’re not able to.”

So what is going on?

Find out what Cynthia had to say about our energy bodies and how digital photography may be revealing a lot more than a simple double exposure!

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