Choose A Way Of Life, Not An Occupation

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Choose A Way Of Life, Not An Occupation!

-by Jessie Klassen,

Wake Up World

“Are you sure you just want to farm? Don’t you want to do something more with your life?”  These were the questions posed to me in high school by my well-meaning teachers when I had declared that I was going to farm with my family after graduation. In their eyes, I was wasting my talents by staying on the farm I grew up on…

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How Private Companies Steal From The Welfare State – Full Documentary

Journeyman Pictures

Are doctors obsolete? “Deep learning” AI system trounced doctors in predicting heart failure in patients, boasting 97 percent accuracy

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…Deep learning computers developed by Case Western Reserve University have been handily outperforming medical doctors in detecting cancer and diagnosing heart failure. With $9.5 million in funding from the National Cancer Institute, they’ve developed tools that can analyze digital pathology images of cancers of the lung, head, neck and breast to accurately identify those patients who could be spared undergoing risky chemotherapy… see more

Sony & Other Corporations Have Been Quietly Researching & Developing Technology Based On ESP

ESP, New Paradigm, alternative news, psychic research, psychic, technology, psychic phenomena, telepathy, psychokinesis, Psi-by Arjun Walia

“We didn’t know how to explain it, but we weren’t so much interested in explaining it as determining whether there was any practical use to it.” 

The quote above comes from Major General Edmund R. Thompson, Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence from 1977-81. He was referring to the investigation of “psychic phenomena,” otherwise known as psi. Psi includes the study of intuition, mind-body connection, psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and much more.

Although hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have produced statistically significant results in this realm over the decades, psi is still greeted with unwarranted skepticism and disbelief… see more


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