How To Overcome Online Censorship With Mike Sygula Of Truth Theory


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I was so lucky to meet Derrick Broze from The Conscious Resistance Network at Elevation Tour event In Barcelona lately. We both shared our ideas with the audience on how to raise consciousness and “be the change you wish to see”. My talk was more focused on the current situation with online censorship by giants like Google and Facebook, how this term “fake news” is being used to discredit any alternative perspectives and how activists are being currently censored online.

Most people don’t realize it, but behind the scences, many bloggers, YouTubers, and activists in alternative media community are currently being censored by the big corporations and governments. As someone who is close to this community, I have direct insight into this situation and I decided that it is the time to speak out and I will be appearing in more events disclosing some of this information. The video from the talk will be online in the next few weeks, make sure you subscribe to my social media channels to get the updates; Twitter,, Instagram 

It was also great to connect with Ryan Di Somma from Stand Up 911, who has been active in spreading the truth about 9/11 coverup over the last decade, make sure you follow him on Instagram

Overcoming Censorship with Mike Sygula of Truth Theory

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Written by: Mike Sygula

Mike Sygula is a blogger, entrepreneur and activist promoting alternative ideas to raise public consciousness of the important issues facing humankind. He is the founder of Truth Theory.Read More stories by Mike Sygula

Censorship Still Rampant Around the World

Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, new world order, suppression, natural health, censorship, free speech, Paul A Philips, raising awareness-by Makia Freeman

Censorship is still a big issue around the world. Censorship remains at high levels in many countries, despite the fact that we tend to think we live in a world without that much of it (at least in the supposedly “enlightened and developed West”).

Why are censorship levels so high? There can really only be one reason for it in the end: our so-called “authorities” are afraid of free thought, free speech and the free flow of information. Why? Because it would uncover their secrets, expose their corruption, contradict their fake narratives, dissolve mental structures and undo notions of citizen obedience and civic duty that have been drilled into us since birth, mainly through military- and Rockefeller-influenced education.

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