Informed Consent: A Vital and Basic Human Right for Our Health Freedom

Informed consent…

Informed consent, health freedom, vaccine damage, vaccine dangers, medical ethics, SB277, mandatory vaccinations, water fluoridation, vaccines population reduction, Paul A Philips, new paradigm-By Paul A Philips

In the modern-day, informed consent is one of the most pressing issues/concerns with regard to our health freedom. Informed consent is defined as having the right to make informed choices while knowing the risks involved when offered medical treatment. Further, whether it’s as a patient or a participating subject for medical research, individuals involved should not be coerced or criminalized for refusing the offered intervening medical treatment…

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America is Silent About This! (2018-2019)

Riding Your Flow: 8 Steps for Enhancing Your Creativity and Productivity

Consciousness, new paradigm, creativity, productivity, optimum flow, enhancing creativity, empowerment, enhanced performance, self-help, self-improvement-by Dr. Kelly Neff

Why is that we tend to be more successful at pursuits we are genuinely passionate about? Why does time seem to drag when you are completely bored and uninterested in a task? How come you can easily lose yourself in a task that really piques your interest?

According to positive psychology, doing things that you find genuinely interesting and stimulating can put you into a state Flow, which is defined as an ‘optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.’ During flow, self-awareness and the ego can dissolve, meaning you become completely focused and immersed in the activity for its own sake. Flow has been linked to enhanced performance and creativity across a wide range of activities, such as sports, artistic pursuits, and even in the workplace. Perhaps you can visualize a time when you became so focused and passionate about something that time just dissipated?

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