Inspired Intention: The Key to Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination, overcoming procrastination, mind, body, spirit, intention, self-help, self-improvement, new paradigm, raising awareness

…Overcoming Procrastination

-by Tamara Rant

When beginning a new habit, sometimes the hardest thing about it is just getting started to begin with. Sometimes we come up with any and every excuse in the book we can think of to put it off and will even justify it to ourselves over and over as to why we just couldn’t begin when we had originally planned.

So, what’s up with that? Why do we do this to ourselves and then somehow convince ourselves sitting again with our good ‘ol friends guilt and shame are where we are meant to be, just because we are so used to feeling these feelings due to our dedication to the mastery of procrastination?

Well, for one I’ve learned it is so heavily tied to our self-esteem. We will never, ever, EVER put any action into something we do not believe in or lack faith in. And the fact that so many of us have such warped self-images that have lead us to disempower ourselves to the point we have forgotten that we are natural born healers, telepaths, and intuitives.

And that these are not necessarily “extra” sensory gifts only allocated to a certain few, but rather there are those few who have simply remembered the power we were all meant to have, and have tapped back into it, embracing their power.

When we take a good look and simplify things, we can see that people who go after what they want and make actual magic happen in their lives all start in the same place; they believe it is possible for them! They believe they can accomplish what they are about to set out to do. When people tend to procrastinate it usually stems from self-doubt or not believing that one can achieve the goal.

People underestimate the energy of faith and the power of our thoughts and beliefs, but in truth, they are creating our reality and the individual worlds we each experience every day. If one person believes the world is a hateful, angry place, then no matter where they are located on the planted they are more apt to see hateful, angry people and situations unfold around them as that is the energy they are creating not only in their mind but also using to manifest their reality.

Our imaginations are not merely the place we use as children to dream up magical fairytale lands when we should be paying attention in algebra class. No, our imaginations are much, much more important than that; and I find it so terribly sad and confusing that we are not only taught the power of our imaginations but in a sense are discouraged from connecting with it as we grow older. Somehow, “daydreaming” or being imaginative seems childish as we become adults, but in reality, it is what maintains your creative power.

We can now see how vitally important it is to have faith is all you do and to truly believe in oneself. Even as the saying goes, when your voice shakes, it is still so important to speak your truth. Even when you are going against the crowd, if you are going in the direction of your heart you will never be wrong and will always be successful. And the more you do this, you will learn that success is not just measured in a monetary value, but also through happiness.

When we begin to see our own lives prosper and see the power of our own creative minds and hands at work in cohesion with our Higher Minds (or God, the Universe, if you prefer…), we also begin to unfold the knowledge that nature truly is abundant and there is always enough for everyone, and that poverty is simply the misallocation of wealth via man’s greed that prevents the balance nature so desperately strives to reclaim.

If we stop the cycle of disempowerment and encourage not only a meaningful connection to one’s imagination but also training in how to use it as the manifesting tool it was meant to be, we can also endow future generations with the ability to know themselves in the light of inspiration they are. And when we can fully see our own light, we are more capable of shining for others.


Procrastination, overcoming procrastination, mind, body, spirit, intention, self-help, self-improvement, new paradigm, raising awareness


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