Is Transhumanism The Greatest Threat To Humanity?

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Is Transhumanism The Greatest Threat To Humanity?

-by Paul A Philips

It’s always worth taking a look at the movies to see how the elite uses the industry to influence us and express their views.

Although it goes back many years transhumanism continues to be promoted through the entertainments industry with recent science-fiction films such as the‘Ghost in the Shell,’ Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’ both starring Scarlet Johansson, then there’s ‘Transcendence‘ with Johnny Depp…

-Sponsored by the ruling elite are they using the entertainments industry to let us know of their intentions, prepping us for what’s to come?

You bet they are… see more

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads


If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to sell your soul and never get it back, just open up a credit card.

Inventor of Free Energy Electrical Generator: “I’ve Been Poisoned Several Times”

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Inventor of Free Energy Electrical Generator: “I’ve Been Poisoned Several Times”

-by Arjun Walia


  • The Facts:

Adam Trombly and colleague Joseph Kahn designed and applied for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, a revolutionary design for super-efficient generation of electrical power. He explains the suppression of free energy machines.

  • Reflect On:

We have more than enough technology and resources to completely change the way we produce energy here on Earth. Why does it take so long to implement them? Why don’t we ever see them? -See more

Ancient Pyramids Were High Frequency Power Stations

Ancient Pyramids…

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-by revelationnow

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one the greatest wonders of the world. Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism.

He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World. He soon died after the book was published but it remains a staple today in academic circles.

I remember reading a profound statement Massey made (and I paraphrase) when he said although he has been studying ancient Egypt for over 40 years, he felt his knowledge base on ancient Egypt was that of a child!

I wonder where his knowledge base would have been if he lived during our times; advanced enough to put the pieces together? -See more


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