Only Love Can Defeat The New World Order

Consciousness, James Corbett, Philosophy, Presidential Campaign 2016, spirituality, new paradigm, raising awareness, self help, conspiracy, new world order, alternative mediaBy James Corbett

Whatever side of whatever political divide you are on, these times will pass. The question is what will emerge on the other side. Do we want a world of hatred and division where people are divided and ruled by psychopaths and warmongers, or a world where love brings us together to create the world we want to live in? It’s not the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be’s choice to make; it’s ours. So what world do you want to live in? -See more (video)

Move beyond your preoccupations with mind

by Brian Thompson

Move beyond your preoccupations with memory-consciousness, knowledge-consciousness and self-consciousness, and abide whole-heartedly in the spontaneity of total presence.
Be one with the ecstatic, alive vibrancy of unlimited awareness.

Know the primordial essence of the Self and be free from what ails you.

Allow the intimate immediacy of the here and now to reveal present-moment-consciousness to be all that truly Is. All else is an unreal illusion created by imagination, parading as reality; trapping happiness inside of an unretrievable past, and within the concept of an unrealizable future.

Merge the thinking mind into the silent witnessing of your original Self-nature. Be one with what Is—the clarity of unobscured Awareness itself—not its contents, but its clear and pure presence, unstained by the convoluted, false creations of the ego.


Here’s Why over 35 Countries Have Banned Genetically Modified Crops from Their Country

Glyphosate carcinogen, Genetically modified crops, banned GMOs, new paradigm, natural health, GM foods, biotechnology, GMO ban, health concerns, environmental issues, genetically engineered foods, food safety-by Arjun Walia

The global resistance against Genetically Modified Crops is growing at an exponential rate. A few years ago, you were almost ridiculed for suggesting that GM foods could be a problem, and now scientists and researchers are presenting information that has 19 new countries joining an already long list of nations to completely ban, or have severe restrictions on, GMOs — as well as the pesticides that go with them.

For those of you who do not know, GMO crops have had their DNA artificially altered, which is a process that would not happen in nature. This is done by introducing genes from a completely different species in order to boost the plant’s resistance to pests or herbicides, or create some other desired effect… see more

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

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