Occult Black – and its Deep Hidden Meaning

Occult black…

Occult symbols, Saturn symbolism, Saturn Symbols, Occult, black, occult black, secret knowledge, suppressed knowledge, Freemasons symbolism, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm-By Paul A Philips

Many people go about their everyday lives totally unaware that there is a whole world of occult secrecy surrounding them. Unaware that the highest echelons controlling business, banking, finance, media and politics… are heavily into the occult and how this affects our lives.

Believing it works the highest echelons practice the occult to give them the desired cause and effect for global domination. It must be remembered that from we-the-people’s point of view, not belonging to the inner sanctum, occulted forces are said to hold certain negative energies having negative effects on us while restricting our freedom… see more

Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 323…

The Transformative Power of Listening

Hug Hormone Oxytocin Boosts Bonding By Releasing Cannabis-Like Molecules

Natural health, science, oxytocin, cannabis-like molecules, cannabis, endocannabinoids, cannabinoids, social behaviour, bonding, new paradigm, relationships

-by Justine Alford | iflscience

Whichever persona you prefer – the love molecule, cuddle chemical or hug hormone – oxytocin plays a big role in bonding. Spraying monkeys with the stuff, for example, has been found to positively affect their social behavior, making them more communicative and promoting interaction with others. Among many other things, weed also exerts similar effects on human behavior, but how exactly it does this has been hazy… see more


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