Regulating Cryptocurrencies — And Why It Matters

Regulating Cryptocurrencies…

Bitcoin, Charles Hugh Smith, Cryptocurrency, Government, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency regulation,regulating cryptocurrencies, finance-by Charles Hugh Smith

Nations that attempt to limit cryptocurrencies’ ability to solve these problems will find that protecting high costs and systemic friction will grind their economies into dust.

There’s a great deal of confusion right now about the regulation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Many observers seem to confuse “regulation” and “banning bitcoin,” as if regulation amounts to outlawing bitcoin.

Further confusing things is the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges, where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold… see more

Absolute MUST WATCH/ LISTEN– GMO, You, Your children and future generations…

GMO, GM Foods, genetically engineered foodsWhen the US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply, it was a gamble of unprecedented proportions. The health of all living things and all future generations were put at risk by an infant technology. After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets eating GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves. This seminal documentary provides compelling evidence to help explain the deteriorating health of Americans, especially children, and offers a recipe for protecting ourselves and our future.

Your Favorite Song is Rewiring Your Brain: Here’s How Music Is Changing You

Music, mind, body, spiritual, new paradigm, consciousness, brain, science, song, cognitive functioning-by Christina Sarich

Listening to music lifts our spirits. It truly is a Universal language, as well as a spiritual one. We can sense this intuitively without knowing the science behind it. We play our favorite song on our smart phones, and a smile ignites across our faces. But, even with its obvious sway over us, we may not realize that music is reorganizing our brains just like an adaptogenic herb, or a session of meditation.

Adaptogens are herbs that can reorganize cells in our body – they adapt to our greatest needs – be they stress reduction or the boosting of our immune system. It seems music can do the same thing…

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10 Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings

Evolved Beings, extraterrestrials, golden Rule, consciousness, raising awareness, new paradigm, higher dimensions, spiritual, spirituality, integrity-by Jeff Street

Highly evolved beings, and the civilizations that they create, embrace principles and ways of being that create highly beneficial outcomes for all. Their civilizations are characterized by cooperation, harmony, and love rather than competition, conflict, and fear. The net result is civilizations where freedom, prosperity, and happiness abound. Their example serves as a great model for Humanity to emulate if it truly wants to create the better world that many of us are hoping for.

At this point you might be a bit perplexed and thinking something like, “What highly evolved beings and civilizations? Where are they, I don’t see any.” Well, it indeed may appear that way, but in fact, we are very much not alone.

There are two reasons that the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is not apparent to us; (1) most of them exist in higher dimensions of our physical universe, so they’re not visible to us, and (2) they aren’t all that interested in direct interactions with a civilization as primitive as ours. But rest assured that many of these civilizations are very interested in facilitating the evolution of Humanity and are doing so in a number of subtle ways behind the scenes.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the top ten ways of being of highly evolved civilizations…

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Living In a World Gone Mad — Is Peaceful Anarchy the Secret to a Better Society?

Anarchy, society, Carolanne Wright, new paradigm, new world order, freedom, social, government, self-rule, autonomyAnarchy the Secret to a Better Society..?

…maybe the idea behind anarchy has been misunderstood — like many ideologies throughout history which have been hijacked and distorted. Maybe the time has come to revisit anarchy — and recognize that it might just be what we need to solve many of the issues we are faced with today.

Non-Violent Anarchy — Is It Possible?

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They’re Trying to Ban Another Harmless Plant That Helps People

New Software to Diagnose Depression Based on Social Media Selfies

Cell Phone, Mental Health, Nicholas West, Social Media, Surveillance, new paradigm, social media selfies, depression, diagnose depression

-by Anti-Media Team

(ANTIMEDIA) — “Who is going to be accessing the data? Who is going to be scanning the data? How will it be used? These are really incredibly difficult questions. Who is going to be giving permission to study what is supposedly private information?”

Those “incredibly difficult questions” are ones patients may soon have to ask themselves, Dr. Igor Galynker, associate chairman of research at Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s psychiatry department in New York, told CBS News.  That’s because a recent study has shown that current software may be better at detecting depression in patients than actual human doctors… see more

What in the World Are We Waking Up About? (Short Documentary)

world waking up, Alternative news, new paradigm, consciousness, awakening, spirituality, natural health, self help, conspiracy, Paul A Philips, raising awarenessThe Conscious Society

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The World is Waking Up and it’s Magic to Watch

It’s inspiring to witness many of the earth’s people, especially in the Western world, becoming aware of the deep corruption in our social system, particularly because society is building its innate capacity to actually do something about it…

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10 Untruths Made In Science and the New Breakthrough Scientific Paradigm

Natural health,sciences,scientific,paradigm shift,alternative news,consciousness,spiritual,telepathy,psychics,alternative medicine-By Paul A Philips

Indeed science has made extraordinary contributions, transformed society with its humanitarian knowledge. Its universal acceptance and influence continues unprecedentedly. However, for hundreds of years the scientific culture has been dogmatically stuck on a number of untruths.

The extent to which the scientific culture is stuck on these untruths has never been more noticeable than today: Hardened dogmas and their limitations has put science in a situation where age-old problems are not getting solved by the current scientific paradigm. For example, major scientific problems not really getting solved such as those related to medicine; incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease and ageing illnesses… see more

Ancient Skull from China May Rewrite Origin of Humans

New paradigm, anthropology, archeology, china, evolution, Homo erectus, homo sapiens, natural world, paleoanthropology, Science

Ancient Skull – Homo Sapiens

-by Paul Seaburn

It’s always wise to be cautious when an archeologist claims a discovery “will change everything,” especially if the statement ends in an exclamation point. So let’s tread carefully through this new announcement that a hominin skull found in China may be proof that a separate branch of Homo sapienssprouted in Asia with no connection to the known startup in Africa. Not only that, this skull is older than all known Homo sapiens fossils. That would change … hold that thought… see more

What you need to know about HUMAN ENERGY and MAGNETISM

How do magnetic fields effect us and the matter around us? What can we do to keep ourselves in tune with the Earth and how can we use magnetism to improve our overall health?

 Are You Making Your Own Choices? This Man Makes You Think [VIDEO]

-by Fattima Mahdi | Truth Theory

Advertisements aren’t inherently bad, however, they do use manipulative tactics that influence us in ways that we don’t even realise. Though we may think that we are in control of our decisions, we are not. In this compelling video, John Wildman discusses the ethics of how and what we eat and highlights the belief systems that we’ve created to sustain our desire for animal products. Why do you drink milk? Why do you eat meat? Is it because you want to, or because that’s what you have been taught to do? John Wildman explains how we have been conditioned to eat some animals and not others, he also encourages you to cut through the myriad of assumptions about how meat is grown and produced, providing plenty food for thought.

“How many of you were taught that you need to drink cow’s milk? Not even our own mother’s milk, but we need to drink cow’s milk to get strong bones. The absurdity of drinking the milk from any other species and any other being besides our own mother, when it is said enough times loses its absurdness.”  – John Wildman


How getting rid of my smartphone revolutionised my life

New Paradigm, smartphone, Internet, Mental Health, depression, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Anxiety, technologyThe devices are a cause of, and remedy from, the high-anxiety precarious life under late capitalism – and are rewiring our brains to resemble computers

-by Thomas Goulding

With constant content throughout the day, millions are losing the ability to sit still and do ‘nothing’ All images provided by iStock

How long would you last doing a simple cognitive task without checking your smartphone or social media feed, before you get fidgety and bored? Ten minutes? How would you feel after one hour?

Around two thirds of British people admit they would feel lost, unhappy or anxious without their smartphone, according to a survey last year. Around half of Americans openly admit they simply could not last a day without their smartphone… see more


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Study Of 2000 Cardiac Arrest Patients Demonstrates Consciousness Exists Well Beyond Physical Death

Cardiac arrest patients…

Consciousness, death, near-Death, outer body experience, spirit, spirituality, new paradigm, alternative news, cardiac arrest, cardiac patients, life after death-by Anna Hunt

What makes us who we are? The psyche – the self – has been a mystery for ages. Now, an intensive care doctor and his team have found a way to start answering at least some of the countless questions surrounding the mystery of consciousness. Through their research, Dr. Sam Parnia and his colleagues have confirmed that consciousness continues to exist, even when the body and the brain die… see more

Two Top Secret Missions Disguised As Historic Moments You Thought Were Real

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Top 10 Pieces Of Modern Day Health Propaganda

Big Pharma propaganda, vaccine propaganda, health propaganda, health misconceptions, health misinformation, new paradigm, Makia Freeman, health disinformation, natural health, vaccine damage cover-up-by Makia Freeman

Health propaganda is pervasive. There are many misconceptions, omissions, distortions and lies surrounding the issue of health and medicine. Many are propagated by those who own Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefellers and their ilk) who set the platform for Allopathy or Western Medicine to assume a monopoly and dominate healthcare (or more accurately “health management”) at the start of the 20th century (this article The Flexner Report: How John D. Rockefeller Used the AMA to Take Over Western Medicine reveals how they did it). Unfortunately, much of this disinformation is unwittingly propagated by well-meaning parents who want their children to be healthy but simply don’t know how to see through all this health propaganda…

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The Evolution of the Butterfly

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The Occult Secrets of Language as a Method of Mind Control

Conspiracy, Forbidden History, language, occult language, new paradigm, occult secrets, occultism, occult, mind control, suppressed knowledge, forbidden knowledgeOccult secrets…

The ‘spell’ in spelling was meant to create a magical trance over you – to obstruct the true meaning of the essence of the Creator.

Many occult (33-degree freemasonsilluminati, cabal, etc.) secrets are hidden within spelling and grammar, but it doesn’t take much digging to reveal them.

For instance, as per Thoth, the Egyptian God of learning, wisdom and magic, (also depicted in ancient hieroglyphs as a man-bird) the purpose of spelling is to cast magic energy with a definite purpose.

Myths surrounding Thoth even say he created himself through language – but this is eerily egoistic, and suggests deep occult powers beyond just being able to win a spelling bee.

There is an interesting parallel in the Christian bible, in the Gospel of St. John as well:

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Engineering Magical Experiences..

A riff on having spiritual experiences without conventional religion… possible?

Why Brain Hacking With Smart Drugs May Not Be So Genius

Brain, ADHD, Brain Wave, Focus, Nootropics, Performance, smart Drugs, new paradigm, genius, enhancement drugs, consciousness-by Christina Sarich
When you talk to brain-hackers from Silicon Valley, they talk of creating the perfect stack – a combination of natural and pharmaceutical nootropics that can help make them into a super-powered genius that can go hours without sleep while maintaining massive focus. It sounds like a cool way to hack the brain, but this practice can come at a price.

The problem is that many of the pharmaceutical versions (and sometimes even the natural ones) can be damaging…

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New paradigm, natural health


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Will There Be a Critical Mass Awakening Needed for World Change?

…critical mass awakening

Awakening, critical mass awakening, Paul A Phillips, New paradigm, consciousness, empowerment, transformation, mass awakening, world change By Paul A Philips

Every so often the independent media claims that we as a race are undergoing a mass awakening. Then there have been further claims that if/when a certaincritical mass number of awakened individuals is reached it will cause a shift in the collective human consciousness and ultimately go on to produce world change. -Indeed, a completely different outcome to the current inhumane doom and gloom planned by the world’s elite hell-bent on achieving total ownership and control for world domination… see more

Alan Watts – How To Master The Sneaky World You Live In

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Occult Black – and its Deep Hidden Meaning

Occult black…

Occult symbols, Saturn symbolism, Saturn Symbols, Occult, black, occult black, secret knowledge, suppressed knowledge, Freemasons symbolism, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm-By Paul A Philips

Many people go about their everyday lives totally unaware that there is a whole world of occult secrecy surrounding them. Unaware that the highest echelons controlling business, banking, finance, media and politics… are heavily into the occult and how this affects our lives.

Believing it works the highest echelons practice the occult to give them the desired cause and effect for global domination. It must be remembered that from we-the-people’s point of view, not belonging to the inner sanctum, occulted forces are said to hold certain negative energies having negative effects on us while restricting our freedom… see more

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

The Transformative Power of Listening

Hug Hormone Oxytocin Boosts Bonding By Releasing Cannabis-Like Molecules

Natural health, science, oxytocin, cannabis-like molecules, cannabis, endocannabinoids, cannabinoids, social behaviour, bonding, new paradigm, relationships

-by Justine Alford | iflscience

Whichever persona you prefer – the love molecule, cuddle chemical or hug hormone – oxytocin plays a big role in bonding. Spraying monkeys with the stuff, for example, has been found to positively affect their social behavior, making them more communicative and promoting interaction with others. Among many other things, weed also exerts similar effects on human behavior, but how exactly it does this has been hazy… see more


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AI Building AI: Mankind Losing More Control over Artificial Intelligence

AI building AI…
AI, New Paradigm, technology, artificial intelligence, mankind, robots, Makia Freeman, AI Programming, computer systems-by Makia Freeman

We have the reached the stage of AI Building AI. Our AI robots/machines are creating child AI robots/machines. Have we already lost control?

AI Building AI is the next phase humanity appears to be going through in its technological evolution. We are at the point where corporations are designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines, robots and programs to make child AI machines, robots and programs – in other words, we have AI building AI.

While some praise this development and point out the benefits (the fact that AI is now smarter than humanity in some areas, and thus can supposedly better design AI than humans), there is a serious consequence to all this: humanity is becoming further removed from the design process – and therefore has less control… see more


Researchers Working On Translating the Language of Dolphins By 2021

Dolphins: Dolphin communication…

Dolphins, new paradigm, dolphin language, alternative news, artificial intelligence, dolphine communication, language, dolphin communication, communication-by Alanna Ketler

Dolphins have been known to have a very complex language system: they communicate with other dolphins through sounds and high-pitched frequencies. Some are actually undetectable to human ears, and have to be monitored by special sonar equipment. Dolphins give each other names and are actually communicating with each other all the time, much like how humans communicate and have conversations with one another… see more

Aren’t you curious about what on Earth… or what in the universe, might they be communicating about? Swedish startup, Gavagai AB, an artificial intelligence language analysis company, is teaming up with researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology to monitor and test the expanding systems capabilities and is aiming to decipher the thoughts and communications of dolphins… see more

Crypto: The End of Freedom!

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Silicon Valley now rapidly abandoning the philosophy of “free speech” by turning to censorship, obedience and conformity

…censorship, obedience and conformity

Censorship, First Amendment, free speech, Google, goolag, Silicon Valley, tech companies, techno tyranny, Tyranny

It’s hard to believe that anyone would support tyranny over liberty, but sadly, millions of Americans across the country do. For the most part, this embrace of an all-powerful totalitarian state like the one described in George Orwell’s 1984 comes from the progressive left, who are committed to destroying everything from the freedom of speech, to states’ rights, to the right to bear arms. It’s unfortunate that they don’t realize how precious individual liberty really is, and how the type of fundamental transformation that they so desperately want to achieve has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Slowly but surely, the Internet is becoming less free as companies like Facebook and Google look for new ways to combat what they consider to be “hate speech” or “fake news,” even if the actual content is none of those things. Truth be told, the end goal is to suppress conservative voices that do not subscribe to the progressive ideology, and in order to accomplish that, companies must first surrender their dedication and respect for the First Amendment…

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Redesigning Ourselves Creating A Plan…

Redesigning ourselves, self-help, new world order, consciousness, transformation, changing ourselves, raising awareness, new paradigm, ruling elite, global conspiracy-by Visionkeeper

Heal Yourself Then Heal the World

Everyday it seems the insanity continues to grow to a new fevered pitch. For a short while it got so unbearable that I really didn’t want to be a part of this world any longer, at the same time I knew I was called here at this time to change reality. The insanity has been serving its purpose in waking up the sleepers of the world to what is going on. It has become impossible to not know the truth any longer. Everything is imploding around us and while it can be a bit scary at times, it is the catalyst that will bring about the changes we hunger for.

So how do we create these changes we wish to see? First by changing ourselves by reconnecting with the truth of who we are and living our lives honestly and in harmony with that truth… see more

The One Thing You Mustn’t Know


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