Politicized Pseudo-Science: How it is used to Strip Away Our Freedom

Politicized Pseudo-Science…

Pseudo-science, mainstream media propaganda, technocracy, Paul A Philips, New World Order agenda, mandatory vaccination, New Paradigm, health freedom, food freedom, political science agenda-By Paul A Philips

To most school students the idea of politics influencing science may seem quite absurd. After all, how could, for example, the hard sciences like physics steeped in set-in-stone scientific facts ever get influenced by politics..? But the truth is science is more politicized now than ever. So the real question that should be asked is how can science NOT be influenced by politics? With its fact-distorting hegemonic idealist dogma, politicized pseudo-science has taken over in a big way, as it is used to control us and strip away our freedom.

-The world’s ruling oligarchs controlling the money, politics and science consider themselves to be genetically superior to the rest of us and unbendingly believe they know what’s best for everyone’s future: Ignoring our objection or opinion, we’re expected to blindly follow their false pseudo-scientific principles tied in to political agendas having ulterior motives as we become more and more enslaved… see more

Here’s Hw the Evil Powers-That-Be Can Take You Down in a Moment!

A 2% Financial Wealth Tax Could Provide a $12,000 Annual Income to Every American Household

Financial, financial wealth, American household, benefits, welfare, wealth, America, Paul Buchheit, well-being, poverty-by Paul Buchheit

It’s not hard to envision the benefits in work opportunities, stress reduction, child care, entrepreneurial activity, and artistic pursuits for American households with an extra $1,000 per month. It’s also very easy to justify a financial wealth tax, given that the dramatic stock market surge in recent years is largely due to an unprecedented degree of technological and financial productivity that derives from the work efforts and taxes of ALL Americans. A 2% annual tax on financial wealth is a small price to pay for the great fortunes bestowed on the most fortunate Americans. (Remember: Just five men own almost as much wealth as half the world’s population.)… see more

Google Chrome browser scans all the files on your computer, including private photos, documents and spreadsheets

Google Chrome browser…

Big Brother, computing, evil, Glitch, Google, google chrome, personal information, police state, privacy, privacy watch, surveillance, technology, web browsers-by Vicki Batts

Google has come under fire for many questionable actions as of late — and the startling revelation that their widely used web browser, Google Chrome, is scanning personal computers around the world is nothing short of infuriating for its users. Big Brother is here — and countless numbers of people have invited this authoritarian presence (in one form or another) while being none the wiser. Indeed, some of the world’s largest corporations (like Google and Amazon) are continuing to find new ways to invade user privacy… see more


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