Something Strange is Happening to Hollywood

Something Strange Is Happening To Hollywood

How can we fight against this evil, when we let it carry on with its agenda while doing nothing about it? Only WE can stop this. They have the money and the power thanks to all of us! Think about it and do SOMETHING!

Trump Admin. Considering Anti-Trust Probe Into Social Media Platforms

 Becoming what you are

Becoming, creativity, innovation, self, New Paradigm, education system, raising awareness, self-expression, alternative media, non-conformity, social conformityHumans becoming…

-by Robert Anton Wilson

If you stroll through a large art museum, you will notice that Van Gogh does not paint the same world as Rembrandt, Picasso does not see things the way Goya did, Georgia O’Keefe doesn’t much resemble Rivera, Salvador Dali looks like nobody but himself, and, in general, no world-class artist became a “classic” by doing what somebody else had already done or even what everybody else in his/her own era did.

And in science, the names of Einstein, Dirac, the Curies, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schroedinger, John Bell etc. live on because none of them took Newton as Holy Gospel: they all made unique and unpredictable innovations in basic theory.

And, in case you think this applies only to “arts and sciences,” consider the most successful people in industry…

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Word Magic – How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells
By: Pao Chang

Words are not just elements of speech or writing, because they can be used to strengthen the effects of magic, which is the art of directing and controlling energy. When spoken out loud, words transform into frequencies and vibrations that can be used to direct energy. This is one of the first steps to creating magic effects.
Most people will laugh at the idea of magic being real, but if only they knew what magic really is and how magic is being used to control them, they would not be laughing. The world is dominated by magic. Until you train your eyes to see how magic is used to control you, you will never know how the world really works.

The Controllers who pull the strings of politicians are well aware of how magic works. Many of them actually practice the art of magic, which is why they are sometimes referred to as the Dark Magicians. Unfortunately, they like to use magic for power and evil purposes, instead of using it to change the world into a better place… see more

The Act of 1871: The “United States” Is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions

1871, Constitutions, "United States", United States corporation, corporation, district Columbia

“United States” corporation

(POPEYE)   Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain.

In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE WORD — and that was very significant as you will read.

Some people do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any “legal” document DO make the critical difference. But, Congress has known, and does know, this… see more


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