Ten Essential Elements of a Covert Operation

Covert operation…

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I’m talking about major covert operations, not small ones.

ONE: Compartmentalization.

The tasks necessary to carrying out the operation are divided among players at different levels. In a successful operation, these groups of players are unaware of each other. They wouldn’t be able to confess to more than their own roles.

And in many cases, the disparate players would never believe they were part of an op. They would swear they were “doing good”—as, for example, in medical research that was—unknown to the researchers—actually designed to obscure a chemical attack on a population, by locating a virus as the false culprit. By training and by general stupidity, the researchers are always predisposed to finding a virus. The last thing on their minds is that they’re part of an operation… see more

Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? An Open Source Investigation

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