Vermont’s New Experimental Healthcare Approach: Paying Doctors for Keeping Patients HEALTHY

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Healthcare approach…

-by Paul A Philips

More and more folks are wizening up to the sad fact that our healthcare system would rather see us ill than cured. Illness means mega-bucks for Big Pharma who, in turn, give cash kickbacks to doctors and great business for hospitals…

For many patients this has brought dire consequences, having been prescribed detrimental, highly addictive or useless drugs and unnecessary surgery… However, in response to this and all the connected racketeering such as, for example, the great cancer racket, hospitals in Vermont, U.S.A have devised a different experimental healthcare approach: See more

Journalist Travels To North Korea, Brings Back Photos Very Different From MSM

North Korea-by Brandon Turbeville

As the United States continues to drum up support for possible military intervention in North Korea, the propaganda attacks launched against the isolated Asian nation by the mainstream corporate press have intensified as well. Ranging from the semi-legitimate to the ridiculously absurd, the corporate media has launched a campaign of insults balanced only by its “resistance movement” to Donald Trump. In this case, however, Trump has the rare backing of the corporate press if only in the by the fact that the media is cheering for war harder and faster than Trump is perhaps willing to give it to them… see more

Alan Watts

The Secret of Life – Alan Watts

Five types of American doctors who know nothing about nutrition and push chemical medicines to cover up symptoms of deeper-rooted health problems

American Doctors, medical scam, medications, Medicine, pharmaceutical poison, prescriptions drug side effects, new paradigm, natural health, nutrition-by S.D. Wells

Ever heard of the 250,000 cotton farmers in central India who took their own lives after being manipulated by promises made by Monsanto? Monsanto claimed to be able to put an end to famine and promised unheard of riches and crop prosperity if the farmers would switch from their conventional farming methods to the use of GM seeds.

Many farmers had to borrow money to purchase these seeds, and after several failed harvests, they were left with no income and out of control debt. After going bankrupt from Monsanto’s Ponzi scheme the farmers fell into an endless cycle of depression, hopelessness and despair… see more


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