Will We Become A ‘Hunger Games Society?’

New World Order,Illuminati,The Hunger Games,humane society,spirituality,consciousness,police state-By Paul A Philips

If you’re not one of the said ‘1%’ of the world’s wealthy ruling elite (probably more like less than 0.001%) then you’d better beware that they have plans to strip you of ALL your wealth and assets, leaving you in abject poverty.

It has also been said that like the ‘Hunger Games society’ which I will explain, in our future society, there will be no middle class, just two different classes. One will be the super-rich while the other will be the super-poor.

The Hollywood movie ‘The Hunger Games’ gives you some idea of what the ruling elite’s planned agenda for a poverty stricken dystopic society will look like. The direction towards a dystopic society is slyly unfolding trickle by trickle in front of our very eyes by the day. What are you going to do to prevent it from manifesting?

New World Order,Illuminati,The Hunger Games,humane society,spirituality,consciousness,police state

The futuristic settings for this movie featured a reality TV game show where the relative few parasitic ruling elite living in the luxury of the capital choose a boy and a girl between 12-18 years old from each of the 12 poverty stricken districts to fight against each other. It was then a case of every person for himself or herself, involving brutality and killings and the last one standing won the game show.

Originally there were 13 different districts but one of them was destroyed while the masses attempted a revolution. The elite decided to stage this annual death match so it would serve as revenge on the districts for attempting the revolution.

The making of the Hunger Games is one of a number of other similar movies made over the years in that it is part of the plan to get us used to and desensitised to violence via the media… to make us get the idea that life is short-lived, precarious and brutish… as stated in so many words by insider Dr Richard Day in 1969 (deceased 1989).

-The latter is part of the ruling elite’s planned social engineering for a New World Order.

New World Order,Illuminati,The Hunger Games,humane society,spirituality,consciousness,police stateIn the film, from the city, the ruling elite dictated how the rest of the world’s population would live. The different districts or sectors where they lived in abject poverty were related to specializations… What kept them subordinate were the watchful eyes and force of a vicious militarized police state.

Does some of this sound familiar in that we currently live in a ruling elite dictated world where it has been said that there is a recognizable trend towards a growing police militarization in countries such as America..? That the police militarization is devastating civil liberties, transforming our neighbourhoods into war territories…

New World Order,Illuminati,The Hunger Games,humane society,spirituality,consciousness,police stateThere is evidence to show that police departments have been receiving more and more weaponry and paraphernalia some of it military-standard equipment with ever increasing budget allowances. Check out a recent New York Times article by Matt Apuzzo to confirm this.

What about the damaging effects this is having on innocent men, women and children? Some have been impacted with significant physical damage, deep psychological trauma or even killed… Much of it is to do with the so-called wars on terror, drugs and undocumented immigrants… Then there’s the crackdown on dissenters with all its unbelievable harshness…

-There’s never been a time to develop a unity and self-sufficiency in preparation for what’s to come.

We don’t have to become a race of victims in a ‘Hunger Games society.’

There are always solutions such as the involvement of thinking with the heart and the realization that we are creative beings that CAN influence the outcome.

-Much love